“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

– Toni Morrison-

Existing and Dissolving

If your world collided with the ocean,Would stars fall like the rain or the sun?If I photographed you for a day, would you still want to stay?Cheerful songs and a bittersweet aftertaste has got me going.Listen to me when I say the stargazers can hear you.If your world […]

Scattered Mind

To dissolve as a form of imagination.To reappear as a signature of creation.What does it take and what will I find if the words collide?Listen to the melody that envelops the crystal drops of thought.To dissolve as a form of imagination.To reappear as a signature of creation.The mind […]

Tell Me What To Write

I have not written these words to you or anyone else I know.Corrupted until the end of the earth has kissed the stars.Please tell me what I should write.Drifting restlessly into a dreamscape of endless wonder.I have to write these words but I never know how.Drifting so far […]


Fall from the sky. Fall from the sky, little girl. Collapse in the stars and collide with the clouds. You have a kaleidoscope in your eyes.  Gazing into the moon is more blinding then the sun.  You got a light in your shout and a tear in your […]

Autumn Eyes

Thought I knew what it was like to feel alive. Never wanted to drop what I was already holding onto. The woods is where I grew up and the wild grass is where I slept. Thought I knew what love was when I met the forest boy. He […]

What It’s Like

It’s been a long time since I could knit a thought together. My mind is made of strings at the moment but impossible to untie. You distract me from reality and I forget I have a voice. I felt so alone but now I feel complete. I do […]

A Boy Named Sky

There is something about you I can never forget. A portrait in your eyes that reminds me of a starry night. Or is it the galaxy of freckles setting your face. It could be the sun sparking a warm fire in your voice. Possibly telling myself it is […]

Forest Boy

How can you fall in love with what is not real? I must ask the stars what they think of this sensation. It is hard to navigate with a compass that has gone off course. Thinking of the boy I met in the forest. A million days before […]

Fantasizing Reality

A prisoner to the person I used to be and a prisoner of my own mind. Got a table down in my basement with a soul that used to be mine. Taken apart too many times to remember how to reapply it. I tell you to leave me […]

Moments In Creation

Let us start from the beginning of creation. Where black and white roses become colorless stars. Mixing up ink blots to decipher our notation. There is a castle made of ink, a castle made of glass. Collecting poetry to fill up our empty honey jars. Piecing together the […]

They Don’t Know

They don’t know. They don’t know what goes through her head. The girl that came from a twisted far away wonderland. They don’t know. They don’t know why she is the way she is. She wears all black but her mind is a thousand unexistent colors. Her hair […]

I Will Be The World

I will be the world. Claustrophobic storms in the deserted cities. To the flowers that might grow in the sky. Stars reflected in the ocean depths. I like to imagine that all writers are born in a place far away. Where each inspired image can come together as […]

Garden In The Sky

Clouds are upside down and you cannot even see. Bipolar reactions of weather abrupt the cycle. There are weeds on the ground but there are roses above. Hues in a poetic form of red and blue growing in the white tufts. How wonderful it is to image a […]

Skeleton In A City

A flickering shower of sparkling lights have shown us the way. To the city that owns a parade of proud dreamers. No matter the weather, they show us both sides. Sunlight reflects in the glass panes thoughtful gazes. While the rain brings puddle to give us an upside-down […]

Prince Of Darkness

He is the shadow that you think is your own. Following your every step and finding out your favorite place. He has got your soul in a case and he has got your smile in his mind. He knows the darkest thoughts, not just of you, but the […]

Symphony of Light

For once it is time to not be afraid of height. Touching the skies in symphony of light. The horizon falling in such a splendid sight. May we waltz graceful through the night? May the stars be our mapped out chart? Falling forth to reveal the glass of […]

The Rain Was Never Haunted

It has been a while since she was not alone. She used to spend her nights in lack of melody. There were no voices to take the demons to a slow town. There will only monsters shredding loose the tone. She was too anxious to speak out loud. […]

Caught In The Air

My dreams take a million turns. They are going up and down, backwards, and forwards. My dreams are flying all around. My wings you cannot see but they are caught in the air. I am dreaming in the harmony of the breeze. How long does it take to […]

Not Alone

As you read these words, you might be hearing a voice. Not the voice of an author but the voice of a poem. How lonely we become that paper becomes our closest friends. Writing away our lives until the end of time. I think about your words without […]

The Stars Are Alive

They told me that I had to like the sun. It was those bright beams though that made my head pound. How could I like the sun if we did not get along? I had to hide away the fact that I was settling for the smaller orbs. […]

Holding Onto You

Gaze meaningfully searching for the lights that flicker. Finding it such a mesmerizing sight when the leaves curl as they burn. Looking forward to the strange color of death in autumn nature. Dancing with the shadows that are cast over in such little light. Oblivious to the friendship […]

Write Your Name

Thought you would like to know, I am not blind to what is behind the smile. I have been a soldier once before. Your chest is rattling with an earthquake. You are a globe with a storm inside. There is so much rain that you cannot breathe. I […]

Sweet Riptide

I want to belong to you. I love the magnetic pull of your gaze when we meet. We have been connected since the day we met in the forest. Countless dreams shared in our separate constellations. No ocean kept us apart as long as we could read the […]


This girl is more than a wildflower. She finds only herself when looking up. She dances in the streets when it begins to rain. Her eyes are as blue as the stormiest ocean. Her smile is as brilliant as the freshest spring days. Each night brings darkness, but […]

Flightless Fingerprints

I was waiting alone at the edge of my colorless canvas.   You were the artist I needed to meet. I could see your mark against the screen. A gorgeous array of personality left by your warmth. Your fingers are in a flight of life, leaving prints all […]

Flowers In My Shoes

There are flowers in my shoes. There are flowers in my nightmares. You don’t know what that means unless you understand. For once in a while, we are forced to visit an unrealistic realm. Bittersweet lullabies that whisper unspoken truths. Stay awake with me and I will run […]

Dynamic Dreamer

A concoction of constellation has been split in the sky. A concoction of reality has been seeped inside. Limits rising into nonexistent as the darkness and light become one. Day is night while night is day; darkness having more light than once. Twisted poems too sickly sweet to […]

Place Without Stars

Underlying forces taking a volume in descending perspectives. Make up the mind of aspect but it will not. It has shown itself in such a fall. Brought you down from the clouds to a harsh reality. Wake up and recognize that you have become nobody. You start to […]

Writing Damage

I have been writing myself down from dusk to dawn. I have revealed a million pens clear of ink. I keep writing to beautify the world and make words beam. Only each time I scribble, the drops of imagination have darkened. Like my fingers are wrapped in rings […]

Breathe Life

Come out today and notice the leaves. They are falling for you graceful thoughts. Blushing the rare colors of honest love. Come out tonight and touch the stars. Bury your nightmares in midnight ink. To find out what story you left behind. Come out and smell the crying […]

Thinking Sky

There is a mood after the moon. A dream that comes even without the stars. However far it must take for you to see. That I am falling in a deep love with you. I do not usually write my words in romance. Though it is hard to […]


Rain was my favorite and not a drizzle of heartache. And as I looked through the pelting sheets, I met your gaze. I will never forget the look on your face. The boy I thought I knew so well had transformed beneath the clouds. The scowl that usually […]

One More Day

I could get lost in the songs that I play. Romantic thoughts playing over and over. I have never stopped being hopeless when it comes to you. I could watch the way your shoulders shake when you laugh. I could watch you all day but now I am […]

Midnight Paint

It is then beneath the sky. Midnight paint brushes dancing above. Bringing life to what it is we could be. The once silent stars no longer shy. The words will thread to what was dreamed of. A force of speculation in layers of sea.   Thank you for […]

Ghosted Eyelashes

A delusion of unrealistic figments has been created. Rocking forth in a dream that will never leave the mind. Sensations of creation brewing underneath the waves. A storm of emotion over this new depth of ocean. A hazy grey varied in with the blue of his gaze. Memories […]


Electricity running through my veins in the morning. I have entered a new realm of inspiration. Lost in a land of past dreams and now I have escaped. A pattern of gorgeous questions defining who I could be. The ceiling could tell me what I said in my […]

Enigma Skies

Luminous and vivid as petals of mystery unwind. The gaze of a dreamer or the gaze of a destroyer? Creation comes with a price just the same as magic. Only it is up to me and you to decide which path will be ours. Through the woods of […]

Three Wishes; Three Words

An ocean laying out for creatures of thought to seep. Where it must be that we find depth and perspective. Auras of emotion and hope puzzled together. While imagination can drive us into daydreams that lead us. It is the creation that pulls together all the ideas. I […]

Far Beyond Our Imagination

Stretching out far beyond our imagination. There is a man with quite the endeavor. He has risen above the trees of the forest. Found a place to call home in the stars above. Stretching out far beyond our imagination. A poisonous flower has come to bloom. Petals with […]

Promise Me

With each dying wish, a new constellation is born. With each dying wish, a new place of creation will come to life. The truth is that I cannot stop thinking of you and your starry eyes. For I have gone away beneath the ground. You visit me now, […]

Midnight Adventure

It started with you throwing a rock at my window. I simply assumed it was the wind until you called my name. My heart warmed with the adventure soon to come. A coat thrown over my shoulders. My body is dropping out over the pane. I hit the […]

Wish To Exist

I know that it is quite a bit to ask for. I am asking for a space in your mind and a space in your time. I am hoping you will think of me, maybe once today and tomorrow. I know that it is quite a bit to […]

Eccentric Forest

Have you ever looked closely at an eccentric forest? Look closer and you will see flower petals that are void of words. A whole aura of mysteries that wrap around uncontrollably. A show of stranger features undiscovered in a realm. Like a carousel in a carnival of makeshift […]

A Hundred Times

Once the sun has risen a hundred times. I start to wander this melody made in clouds. Down far from wandering, and thoughtfully above all else. Once the moon has risen a hundred times. I go to places I have never seen before. Made in the constellations of […]

Once Upon A Time

It may be complicated in a sense of words. Vintage from a lifetime in vocabulary growth. Yet, I assure you, that those words mean more than a soul. That writer found a purpose as each day left a layer. Thin like needles forming sketches over his skin. He […]

Messy Souls

An ocean of thoughts far above our heads. Lazy tufts of cotton forming fiery, cozy, clouds. Spreading out like a hazy garden in the sky. Purple pink wildflowers in a strewn, murmured mess. Clumsy and obese as they stumble all about. Yet, what is it about them that […]

Intimidating Outcast

It started with an abyss of pride torn down until he felt nothing. Diving forth with the humiliation of being an outcast. Dark eyes to go with dark clothes. It comes down to the right of freedom in a soul. His gaze is sparking with the pain of […]

Who Am I?

The truth is that I have no idea what it is I am thinking about. With too many thoughts and too many minds alike. Only my conscience does not feel like the others. For I am split between a million personalities and a million ideas. I want to […]

A Memory, A Dream, And A Poem

When he walked by, I met his gaze. Books were surrounding us, and I could feel a million places calling.  Yet, as I met his eyes, I saw somewhere I had never gone before. Eyes like lively gems lost beneath the waves of an ocean. Poems tugging at […]

Here Comes The Rain

Here comes the rain. The lost compass holds the disoriented picture to dissolve.   While the tumbling droplets will descend and wash away thoughts. Here comes the rain. Shades of cloudy memory like colored pencils. Leaving behind a river of impressions in a hopeful after tone.   Here […]

Silent Spin

She grew some wings and flew away. He grew a tree and earned a friend. The apple fell to find the one and only. The vine reaches far and wide for the light. You will find that the world might spin; Just a little hastier if you give […]

Petals Like Gems

Listen to the storm that has come through weather. It has given us a circlet better than cloudy creations. For resting on the riverbed is a mystifying puzzle piece. Wrings of untamed vine to create a perfect picture. Petals like gems implanted on top a gleaming majesty. Greenery […]

Craving Seasons Of Life

Where does it all come from? When I lay down in the late hours and decide to wake back up. Where does it all come from? This is the hardest poem to write of all. For there is too much out there that is rough as broken shards […]

Abyss Of Creation

Darkness is the first vision of what is to come. Seeping out and about, like broken electricity in the sky. Harsh marks of powerful forces that could take different oceans in hand. Tides that rise and take dreams back into the falling laps. For it has foreseen a […]

Falling Star

His mind was fragile yet as beautiful as a world. The stars and moon may have been bright, but his eyes were like gems. She would tell her secrets to the stars and when he smiled with his nebula eyes; It was as if he knew every spoken […]

Six Feet Apart

Stay six feet apart is what they say. Yet, when I look up, I still feel your gaze touch mine. When I sing to the sky, the rain will caress me. In daydreams, clouds are my own to hold. When I look up, the thought in your mind […]

Pondering Keys

Silent dusk would be done if it were not for the melody. The song from the keys pressing down with each note. Notes from inspiration that motivated new worlds. Character that form with each click. Pounding down on the keys to sing you this poem. Hello, dear writer, […]

Cultivate Creativity

Authentic and real. The reader will crave something that is not direct but poetic. Written in sentences that reflect different perspectives. A mad world and a mad mind. We want something that can describe the notes of a piano above our heads in the sunlight. Although, possibly not […]

Melody Of Creation

Do you hear the melody of creation? The sound that comes from those singing to the sky? I hear a star, not falling, but rising to the sky; Becoming a once upon a time; something more than a wish. Do you hear the melody of creation?   The […]


Different sides attack me. Starting from the top. The voices leave a trace. A linger of pain that spreads. I am angry and defensive. Being a creator left behind. Fighting my own inner war. A chess game inside my head. Feeling sick with every thought. Cannot move despite […]

Raw And Unspoken

Take this sheet, take this screen. Whether it be song or word. Do not judge me for it. Just take the time to understand it. That beaten character holds my hurt. That silent character knows my mind. The hopeless character is my romantic. I am giving myself to […]

Double Sided

I am two. Not bipolar. Just more than one. Not a single. Not a couple. I am simply two. More than one. Always in thought; Yet, still listening. Halfway asleep. Multiplied and divided. My personalities are endless. Quite double sided. I am a bit more than just one. […]


I am levitation. I do not need your wings. I do not need the loose ends of the feather. I do not need their false hope. No staircase can step up as I could. No aircraft will rise like I can. I am levitation. I have a mind […]

Sing With You

The Unsigned Writer Sing With You Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Every day is the same. Until I hear your voice. Ukulele strings strumming. The melody of a poetic mind. The melody of a broken soul. I feel the words that erupt from your lips. I understand the […]

The Universe

The Unsigned Writer The Universe Poetry By, J. M. Lilin I do not want to hold still on a spinning sphere. I shall spin with it. If you attempt to hold me back; You will only see the wonder. The wonder of dancing in the midst of freedom. […]

Be Okay

The Unsigned Writer Be Okay Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Desire is a part of being human. Just as a flower must blossom. Yet, I have only one wish for the genie. More than anything; I just want to be okay. To wake up in the mornings; Allow […]

Rare Beauty

The Unsigned Writer Rare Beauty Poetry By, J. M. Lilin This world. Split between something icy and scorching.   Harsh, yet with so many prepossessing elements. A miscellaneous combination to create a canvas. A canvas enveloped in vines that eventually reveal; Reveal blossoms of a rare, patient beauty. […]


Time is unraveling. Connecting to an unknown force. A force that is exciting more so. Similar to how humans wish to be in the stars. Only this human is in another world. This human is unraveling like time itself. This human is almost no longer a human. He […]

Jar Of Stars

He was dark, like a fire of shadows. Such closed in words that held such a snowstorm. So many weather conditions and so many oceans. Eyes like a sky without stars. He was the one not meant to win. He was no hero. He was meant to be […]

Soul Mate

The Unsigned Writer Soul Mate Poetry By, J. M. Lilin I am here waiting for my soul mate. Posters put up in my dreams for the fairy tale characters. I even told the stars all about, so when they align; They might bring you to my land. Searching […]

Stars Like A Dandelion

The Unsigned Writer Stars Like A Dandelion Poetry By, J. M. Lilin A mansion of radiance lit through windows of a galaxy. Spreading out farther than a canyon of constellations. Gleaming similar to orbs of vivid nebula eyes. Astronomy of blossoming personalities. Marvelous and splendid in the night […]

Symphony Of Words

The Unsigned Writer Symphony Of Words Poetry By, J. M. Lilin The melody of instruments and voices. It calms me more than any art in the world. Sound over silence to keep my world spinning. Inspired into becoming creative. Into writing my own words, only silent instead of […]

Seafoam And Sirens

The Unsigned Writer Seafoam and Sirens Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Canvas of an unrecognized willow trunk. Droplets of rain given up on by the sky canopy. Colored veins of a painting never finished. A story blotted out with desolated ink. Projects buried and unremembered upon. Crafts beneath […]

Friend Or Foe

Peace and joy can be stunning in a heavenly way. Poems about true love and a happily ever after. How I enjoy those wonderful endings. In this world of human and art. I do not want to only see something filled with smiles. Humans have an attic in […]

I Am Smiling

The Unsigned Writer I Am Smiling Poetry By, J. M. Lilin I am smiling and I am trying. I am smiling and I am crying. I am smiling and I am dying. Why is everything blurry? When I lay down for the night. Put away my masks and […]

Rabbit Hole

The Unsigned Writer Rabbit Hole Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Stay away from the edge they tell her. Stay away from the woods they tell her. Why should she listen? Curiosity can kill the cat, but it can also change the world. Forever wonder the impossible or make […]

October Path

The Unsigned Writer October Path Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Can you not imagine how wonderful it must be to be Autumn? To own that name and be the wonderful season that spreads the land. Spring has an organized fresh start.   While summer may bring the sun […]


The Unsigned Writer Neverland Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Oh, Peter Pan, I need a friend. I am lonely down in this unusual land. Come down here yourself or let my dreams transcend.   Oh, Peter Pan, bring me a different life. Too many crowds with a million […]


The Unsigned Writer Sandman Poetry By, J. M. Lilin I like to imagine when we rest, our thoughts take a chance at flight. Over navy blue oceans and pumpkin patches of old and sunken dreams. The world can finally become something more than black and white. When the […]

Singing A Lullaby

The Unsigned Writer Singing A Lullaby Poetry By, J. M. Lilin He has been making his way across a tightrope of doubt. Wishing for the knowledge of who he was born to be. Lonely as if all those meant for him were lost in a drought. He became […]

City Of Constellations

The Unsigned Writer City Of Constellations Written By, J. M. Lilin There below the ledge is a constellation. Spreading out like splintered pieces of electricity in the atmosphere. Except down below her feet, like a stream of flashing fireflies. Never reflecting over what might have survived inside the […]

The Raft

There is yellow; a color once thought to be full of joy. Now it is blinding, through the scattered spots of vision. Over the yellow, is blue, once thought to be a favorite color. Now both colors, both of these lovely colors, torture. They are the only colors […]

Seasonal Stars

The Unsigned Writer Seasonal Stars Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Laying down beneath the stars, in the middle of the spring. Creatures of mystery beckoning him forth. Adventuring the woods and finding himself beneath an ocean. This boy was not the usual; this boy was a dreamer. Laying […]

City Of Love

The Unsigned Writer City Of Love Poetry By, J. M. Lilin I love the orbs in the sky above my head. As I stand in the city of love. Spells dazzle each passerby, even those upon the bench. A spectacle of pure electricity causing a rainstorm of nebula […]

Rain Puddles

The Unsigned Writer Rain Puddles Poetry By, J. M. Lilin I love the rain, he had said. They thought he was peculiar, but they had underestimated his imagination. He could get lost in dancing beneath the despairing clouds. Creating those dreary days into the most beautiful time of […]

Sleeping Still

The Unsigned Writer Sleeping Still Poetry By, J. M. Lilin To lay still, as a poetic soul caught up in an ocean of reflection and contemplation.   To hold still and listen to the story twirling in a melody spin at the edge of the cliff. There is […]

Miss Midnight

The Unsigned Writer Miss Midnight Written By, J. M. Lilin Oh, Miss Midnight. The splendid marvels in the sky are such a rarity to me. An exhibition of heavenly curiosity. Imagination set up in the grace of allurement. Stunning display of wonder. A sensation of passion spreading through […]


The Unsigned Writer Hallelujah Poetry By, J. M. Lilin I have so much to write, so much to say. A million words drift around in the starry orbs. Falling like wishes to catch just for me and the writer inside. I am overwhelmed, for I have so much […]

Song For The Summer

The Unsigned Writer A Song For The Summer Poetry By, J. M. Lilin I wanted to write you a poem, something precious and sweet. I wanted to give you my soul, through creativity and wonder Simply words can say it all. So, I gave you these words, through […]

Island Of Daydreamers

The Unsigned Writer Island Of Daydreamers Poetry By, J. M. Lilin There is a blue color, my favored kind, full of a depth that seems impossible. Impossibly blue? Impossibly there. Shards and shades of the color paint out in a canvas of mixed color. Rising and falling, twisting […]

Lost Dreamer

The Unsigned Writer Lost Dreamer Poetry By, J. M. Lilin He is a dreamer in an unusual state of mind that is not unusual but truly spectacular. If you visit his place, his wonderous home of creatures, you would never want to leave. He is just a dreamer […]

Carousel Of Chaos

The Unsigned Writer Carousel Of Chaos Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Like a circus that holds a claustrophobic spin of questions closed up for a day that never comes. Clowns that dance and mock their emotions with a flower of doubts, petals dropping to the floor. Trapeze of […]

Forgetting The Impossible

The Unsigned Writer Forgetting The Impossible Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Once I was five and I grew up on adventures in the backyard, believing in the impossible. Another time, long ago, I was ten, and I had friends at the playground who dared me to what seemed […]

Midnight Melody

The Unsigned Writer Midnight Melody Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Stranger brushstrokes brought over the colors of darkness; a stroke of hypotonic charm. A landscape contrasting to what you are used to, for this landscape is up above in a texture of constellations. Enchanting and enhancing; wishes of […]

Nebula Eyes

The Unsigned Writer Nebula Eyes Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Penetrating with the color that only you could prefer. Charismatic in a compelling way of charm. Full of a glowing observance that never looks away. Captivating like the ocean, but it is not the waves that you see. […]

3 a.m. Thoughts

What would it be like if I wasn’t a writer? To not wake up in the early hours. When the stars are still out, and the moon is taking its turn to explore. Where I cannot fall back into the darkness of sleep because I have too many […]

Attic Of The Mind

The Unsigned Writer Attic Of The Mind Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Vivid and dazzling switching between dappled shelter are the little flickering lights. Tangled mazes of webs built by the spiders of thoughtful contemplations and reflections. Corners full of theories and notions that twirl and twist themselves […]

Welcome To The Insane

The Unsigned Writer Welcome To The Insane Poetry By, J. M. Lilin Welcome to the insane, Trust me when I say, you won’t get bored. Let us rearrange and rid of the raining dark. We have been hurled together. Let us make a change. Every beautiful twirl. It […]

Nothing You Were Thinking

The Unsigned Writer Nothing You Were Thinking Poetry By, J. M. Lilin My mind is like nothing you were thinking. My mind is like the ocean’s deepest waves. The thoughts don’t discontinue or pause from breaking the shore full of intention and curiosity. My mind is like the […]

Distant Crowds

The Unsigned Writer Distant Crowds Poetry By, J. M. Lilin There is crowds, roaring with different emotions and opinions. They give off their scripts until she is deaf, they go on until there is nothing left to come clean of. They have spoken it all out in confession, […]


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