What It’s Like


It’s been a long time since I could knit a thought together.

My mind is made of strings at the moment but impossible to untie.

You distract me from reality and I forget I have a voice.

I felt so alone but now I feel complete.

I do not need to ask to be heard because you listen before I speak.

You remind me that every day can be better.

Turning adoring music into something more than a hopeful undertone.

You got me in this loop of butterflies and racing beats.

Don’t feel sick like I thought I would.

Nervous to the point that I start to step away.

Yet, you grab my hand and ask to hear my thought.

Secure as if you’ve done this before.

Won’t you tell me all there is to know?

I feel like you and I could be more than just friends.

Got this dream in my head that you might be the one.

Letting an honest half of me become my whole self.

Only you seem to understand what it’s like.

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  1. Nehemiah Data says:

    Beautiful words. I really love the way you arrange them to tell us about how you feel at the moment. 😇

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  2. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thank you. The emotions are honest and I’m eager to be writing in such a new, magical form. I appreciate the feedback.

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  3. Nehemiah Data says:

    You are welcome! Yes, I can feel it through those words. I must say you have a great talent. 😊

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  4. Bryze says:

    Wow! SO nice to see a poem from you! Great job! You should start posting on AllPoetry or Commaful!

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  5. Such A Vivid Picture Such A Clear
    Memory of my Days at University
    Books Stacked So High And So Far

    From my Soul Within

    Only one Philosophy
    Class Maybe Three

    Took me Back Home
    A Place i Never Visited Before

    And Yes Three Part Time Jobs
    With A Triple Major Load Bringing
    Three Degrees i Used to Lay in Bed

    So Cold in A House on the River-Front
    Vacated by my Grandmother my Home Alone

    So Tired at 3am Just 3 Hours Until starting it all
    Over Again that Would Only Lead to a Working World the Same…

    Oh So Blessed i found Some Magical Words Flowing From my Soul
    in those Philosophy Classes at 18 Where Do they Come From the Logical

    Part of my


    Soul For So Many
    Years Asking at age 18…

    A Philosophy Instructor
    Experiencing a Similar Flow
    of Creativity in His Lectures
    As if We Were Joined By Young
    And Old Souls in Some Way then…

    He Even Asked someone
    to Record What He Was
    Breathing in Words

    As at His Age

    Close to 60

    He Had Never Experienced
    Free Verse Creativity This way..

    My How Beautiful to See You Finding
    Your Soul in Poetry Dear Jade For It’s

    True This is the Place

    Of Soul Mate

    Who Breathes

    Within We Never Escape
    Eternally Now Thing is i Lost
    This Breath After Age 18 Hehe i replaced
    It With A Young Cuban American Girl Friend

    My First Love

    Some 35 Years

    Later i Found my
    Soul Mate in Poetry
    Again And Now i am

    Able to Breathe as TRuE FRiEnD
    to me And the Same For Others Wherever

    i Dance

    And Sing
    Next With SMiLes

    The Treasure is Keeping the Breath

    And True It’s Very Difficult More Difficult

    Than Ever in a World Of So Much Truly

    Meaningless Distraction At Core of Who We Even Are


    Who Breathe

    Souls Who See

    Reflection of All in Our Mirrors
    Only to Shine on Shadows of Others Free…

    i Broke Down Half Way Through the University
    Experience Took 3 Months off Returned and finished
    my 3 Degrees in that Interim i Went Back to my Junior
    College a Small Two Story Building that Was Once my
    Elementary School and My Mother’s High School too…

    That Philosophy

    Class And That

    Opening of My

    Soul Deep Down
    The Most Treasured
    Part of my Existence up till
    Then i Went Back to Thank my
    Teacher my River Front Home

    Only Down the Road The Same
    One i Walked to From my River
    Front Home in First Grade truly

    i Felt Free

    As 5 Years

    Old Again then…

    My Philosophy Teacher
    Walked With me Supportive
    of Thoughts From my Soul…

    i Said Good Bye And He Said

    The American Indians only Say See You Later

    i Still Remember His Old Salty Sailor Bearded
    Smile As He Retired from the Navy Before He Became
    A Philosophy Instructor He Died of Cancer About a Year

    Later Yet

    i Will Never

    Forget What

    He Helped Open Up
    of my Soul He Wanted
    to Help the World He changed my Life…

    It Was A Long Way to Find my Way Home Again Yet i Do…

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  6. J. M. Lilin says:

    That means a ton to me. Thank you so very much for the kind support.


  7. J. M. Lilin says:

    It’s been a while! I’m so happy to be writing again. Oh? I haven’t heard of those before. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I’ll check those out. I appreciate it.

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  8. J. M. Lilin says:

    “Found my way home.” Exactly! Thank you so much for your inspiring comments.

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  9. In Return
    Thank You
    For Inspiring
    Comments From


    Home” Jade
    With SMiLES😊

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  10. K's musings. says:

    Beautifully written poem!

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  11. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thank you! I appreciate your kind feedback.

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