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“Dance above the surface of the world. Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that is not hampered by opinion.”

-Red Haircrow-

Into A World Of Imagination And Creation

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  • Tell Me What To Write
    I have not written these words to you or anyone else I know.Corrupted until the end of the earth has kissed the stars.Please tell me what I should write.Drifting restlessly into a dreamscape of endless wonder.I have to write these words but I never know how.Drifting so far […]
  • Collide
    Fall from the sky. Fall from the sky, little girl. Collapse in the stars and collide with the clouds. You have a kaleidoscope in your eyes.  Gazing into the moon is more blinding then the sun.  You got a light in your shout and a tear in your […]
  • Autumn Eyes
    Thought I knew what it was like to feel alive. Never wanted to drop what I was already holding onto. The woods is where I grew up and the wild grass is where I slept. Thought I knew what love was when I met the forest boy. He […]
  • What It’s Like
    It’s been a long time since I could knit a thought together. My mind is made of strings at the moment but impossible to untie. You distract me from reality and I forget I have a voice. I felt so alone but now I feel complete. I do […]
  • A Boy Named Sky
    There is something about you I can never forget. A portrait in your eyes that reminds me of a starry night. Or is it the galaxy of freckles setting your face. It could be the sun sparking a warm fire in your voice. Possibly telling myself it is […]
  • Goodbye, Poetry
    You see the moon? The midnight sky that comes every night? You might see an orb of pale light to inspire. I see the poetry you used to write. If the moon could sing, I’m sure it’d cry. It would talk about the friendship you and the night […]
  • Forest Boy
    How can you fall in love with what is not real? I must ask the stars what they think of this sensation. It is hard to navigate with a compass that has gone off course. Thinking of the boy I met in the forest. A million days before […]
  • Fantasizing Reality
    A prisoner to the person I used to be and a prisoner of my own mind. Got a table down in my basement with a soul that used to be mine. Taken apart too many times to remember how to reapply it. I tell you to leave me […]
    This is just a quick thank you – an appreciation to all my readers, followers, commenters, and downright kind supporters. I have been sharing my writing for a year and a half now and to reach my 500 mark feels like a really great accomplishment and I couldn’t […]
  • Moments In Creation
    Let us start from the beginning of creation. Where black and white roses become colorless stars. Mixing up ink blots to decipher our notation. There is a castle made of ink, a castle made of glass. Collecting poetry to fill up our empty honey jars. Piecing together the […]
  • They Don’t Know
    They don’t know. They don’t know what goes through her head. The girl that came from a twisted far away wonderland. They don’t know. They don’t know why she is the way she is. She wears all black but her mind is a thousand unexistent colors. Her hair […]
  • I Will Be The World
    I will be the world. Claustrophobic storms in the deserted cities. To the flowers that might grow in the sky. Stars reflected in the ocean depths. I like to imagine that all writers are born in a place far away. Where each inspired image can come together as […]
  • Garden In The Sky
    Clouds are upside down and you cannot even see. Bipolar reactions of weather abrupt the cycle. There are weeds on the ground but there are roses above. Hues in a poetic form of red and blue growing in the white tufts. How wonderful it is to image a […]
  • Skeleton In A City
    A flickering shower of sparkling lights have shown us the way. To the city that owns a parade of proud dreamers. No matter the weather, they show us both sides. Sunlight reflects in the glass panes thoughtful gazes. While the rain brings puddle to give us an upside-down […]
  • Prince Of Darkness
    He is the shadow that you think is your own. Following your every step and finding out your favorite place. He has got your soul in a case and he has got your smile in his mind. He knows the darkest thoughts, not just of you, but the […]
  • Symphony of Light
    For once it is time to not be afraid of height. Touching the skies in symphony of light. The horizon falling in such a splendid sight. May we waltz graceful through the night? May the stars be our mapped out chart? Falling forth to reveal the glass of […]
  • The Rain Was Never Haunted
    It has been a while since she was not alone. She used to spend her nights in lack of melody. There were no voices to take the demons to a slow town. There will only monsters shredding loose the tone. She was too anxious to speak out loud. […]
  • Caught In The Air
    My dreams take a million turns. They are going up and down, backwards, and forwards. My dreams are flying all around. My wings you cannot see but they are caught in the air. I am dreaming in the harmony of the breeze. How long does it take to […]
  • Not Alone
    As you read these words, you might be hearing a voice. Not the voice of an author but the voice of a poem. How lonely we become that paper becomes our closest friends. Writing away our lives until the end of time. I think about your words without […]
  • The Stars Are Alive
    They told me that I had to like the sun. It was those bright beams though that made my head pound. How could I like the sun if we did not get along? I had to hide away the fact that I was settling for the smaller orbs. […]

Taking the imagination and creation to share with those other daydreamers.

To pursue the impossible. To become the character. To wander the worlds that do not exist.

To get lost in the daydreams of what could be and what once was. To transform imagination and create something solid.

To inspire through what is imagined. To inspire through what is created.

Other forms of writing that are neither stories or poetry – often in between.

Thank you – to all my lovely readers – for the support, kind comments, creative perspectives, and many nominations. Much appreciated.