The Creation of Imagination

Our imagination is creation while creation is simply imagination  The words our mine, the same as yours, the same as theirs, all from the mind Like snowflakes or a waterfall, thoughts cascade, tumble, and pile up like the snow, Sometimes I can create something, like a snowman, constructing […]

Motivational Monday

Check in every Monday to view a new quote for a boost of motivation and inspiration. To a new day full of adventuring through our words of writing! “Don’t forget, no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories […]

Part 4 – Dead Man Jettison

Everything around Gale seemed to be going in slow motion as he raises a hand and a huge wave splashes onto deck, washing the crew away from his father, the area around his father completely dry except for the blood starting to drip. Gale feels like his breath […]

Part 3 – Dead Man Jettison

“What do you think you’re doing Blinky?” Blinky? Gale thought to himself, why would he want to do this? Blinky was an old pirate with a horrible limp and a gruesome eye-twitch, giving him the name he had. He had always been quiet, and held-back and nobody knew […]

Part 1 – Dead Man Jettison

The exorbitant, baneful waves crash over the already, slippery deck, as another horrible and cruel storm went through the process of going over the dark sea and frightening the crew aboard it. The ship rose and fell and rocked and creaked as the violent waves slammed into its […]

The Winter Writer

Writing was what she did, and winter was where she lived. They called her the Writer and she called for fire. Freezing and contemplating was what she did and in her mind was where she truly lived. The Writer traveled and every trip she made, it got colder […]

The Holiday Disease

It’s as if the New Year for 2019 was only yesterday. Now it’s time for the 2019-year holidays to start the yearly explosion that spreads the airborne, extremely contagious, holiday disease. The symptoms begin right after Thanksgiving, the day after that special Friday that everyone brave enough, decides […]

The Canyon of Lost Love

There once was a girl. She was one of beauty, with golden locks of hair reaching her waist, and eyes that were as blue as the bluest oceans. She had straight, and graceful movements, whether she was on her way in a slow or fast motion. Every boy […]

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” Alice Kingsley. The only thing is, do you ever wonder if those six things that you think of are real? What if they weren’t just something you simply believed in? What if they weren’t impossible? What […]