Place Without Stars


Underlying forces taking a volume in descending perspectives.

Make up the mind of aspect but it will not.

It has shown itself in such a fall.

Brought you down from the clouds to a harsh reality.

Wake up and recognize that you have become nobody.

You start to wonder what your name is.

If you were wrong about the people you love.

Recognize their eyes but not your own skin.

Hope you know that I am here for you.

Hope that you do not find me like this.

It is not what I had in my plan to live out.

Yet, here I am, deeper than the ocean could bring me.

Please bring a makeshift torch to this place without stars.

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  1. Lia says:

    “Hope that you do not find me like this.

    It is not what I had in my plan to live out.

    Yet, here I am, deeper than the ocean could bring me.”

    This is so beautiful, and so relatable. Lovely writing you’ve been doing here, Jade. 💗


  2. A Place Where People Will Find the Person
    You Used to Be A Place You No Longer

    Exist Yes
    i’ve been

    to This Place of no
    Place no Name Before

    Behind An Opaque Window
    As the World Still Turned and i did not

    Listening to a Priest’s Homily Today on
    Facebook as i Study Religion For a Hobby and

    Human Nature

    As All Bi-Polar

    Folks Must



    In Life to Survive
    And Sure Folks on the
    Autism Spectrum as that
    too May Come Mixed in Night of Day
    too For A Total Eclipse of the Dark Side of the Moon

    The Priest Always Tries to ‘Intimate’ The Best He Can and
    Will That Love’s Not a Feeling Only A Choice in a Very

    Monotone Voice

    Not Sure He has
    Ever Been to Love
    And Disappeared as
    the Living Dead as he
    Also Ignorantly Said Addiction
    Makes No Sense As Science Clearly

    Shows Mostly it comes From Being
    Neglected And Abused In Purgatory
    Forever Growing Up Perhaps a
    Priest that Happens too.. For
    How Else Could a Person
    Justify Taking Away
    The Soul of the
    Young Any Day

    For The Soul
    Is No Choice it is
    The Fire Inside the
    Love that makes Life
    Truly Worth Living Loving
    The Rest of Nature too as Empaths do too…

    I’ve Seen the Fall and the Rise of Angel Wings
    i’ve Seen The Death of the Face of a Smile Eyes Without A Soul
    too.. i’ve Seen The Moon And Sunshine With No Colors At All…

    i’ve Seen A Cloudy
    Day As Hell and
    Sunshine Same

    Yet today He said
    Love is Only A Choice
    And Not A Feeling that Drives

    All That is Truly Great in the World
    If Love is Compassion For All With Least
    Harm That Fire in the Heart That Refuses to

    Go Out And will Never

    Turn A Back on


    Sinking Below
    the Ocean of Hell…

    The Flame That Refuses to go
    Out And 8 Years ago on the Last
    Day of February 2013 After 66 Months
    In Hell Every place in the World Seemed
    to not want me around as even as a Dead
    Soul i was taking up for the lesser then one

    Person said Thank You Out of a Whole Crowd
    of Numb Feelings Perhaps With no Reference
    Point Like the Monotone Priest only Person then

    Who ever Requested to be a Facebook Friend

    Just That Thank You then And the Words of my

    Soul Started Flowing Like this Again so long

    Ago perhaps In Middle School Before i was

    Bullied as a Boy Then Who Looked Like an

    Ugly Girl Winning A Two Homeroom

    With 80 Kids Christmas

    Story as the Deeper

    Part of my Soul

    Came Alive

    And it Was Bullied
    Out of me in Toxic Patriarchy
    for the Next 40 Years of A Desert
    of No Colors That Rose Up Out of Deep
    The Shallows The Shallows of the Desert Indeed…

    Smiles It’s Important When Ya Find Paradise Within
    And You Find Ways to Never Let it go to go somewhere

    Where Someone Understands Deeply The Other Place of
    the Dark Abyss too.. You Really Captured it my Friend indeed

    For Just

    A Second

    i felt like

    i was on

    the Other side of
    that Opaque Window
    That Only Those Who have

    Gone Will Ever Fully Understand

    Truly Not Much Different than Heaven within…
    i suppose Churches Could Use Poets More than Scientists of Words….

    Anyway My Church As that 80’s Song Goes is the One Under the Milky way

    i Spiral Now in Dance And Song No Different Than the UniVerse That is my Parent and me…

    February 28th, 2013 was the start of my Soul Coming Back to Life And The Truth is Blogging

    Will Save More than a Life A Blog Will Bring A Soul Back to Life With A Never Ending Landing Song

    For What is


    For What

    Are We Looking

    For More Than a
    Dance And Song of
    Soul ‘The Child’s’ Eyes
    Free Again the Milky Way Breathes Free

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  3. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thank you so much. Your kindness is very much appreciated. You have such lovely words.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My Pleasure Jade Smiles
    Saw Your Name Next to
    One of My Comments

    Some Kindness

    Is Driven

    Most By the
    Dark Side of The

    Moon For it Understands
    How Far Away Sunshine


    In that Place😊

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  5. J. M. Lilin says:

    That is so kind. Seriously. I really appreciate all your kindness and support. Keep on inspiring, Katie. For real. You’re amazing.

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  6. Smiles If You Like Jade
    You May Call Me
    Fred i’m the 60
    Year Old Guy in
    The “Gravatar”

    i Always Put my
    Wife First Katie
    Is Short For

    (She Walks
    Faster than Me
    Carrying 244 Pounds)

    Katrina And
    “That Girl” Yes

    i Married 31 Years
    Ago Who Has The
    Nickname of Eternal

    Teenager as


    By Relatives

    Now Close to 51

    As “Legends Grow”
    And Taller Tales True

    9 Million Words Free
    Verse Poetry Grows
    In Modern EPiC Long
    Form Poem Uploading

    “Singularity” Of

    Soul Song As While
    Putting Together
    A 60 Thousand
    Word Plus Free

    Verse Long
    Form Poem
    A ‘Mini-Verse’

    2 Week Effort
    To Celebrate 9
    MiLLioN Words

    In 90 Months
    Today i Am



    A Celebration
    Free Verse Long
    Form Poem For Writing
    Yes 5 MiLLioN Words

    Of Free Verse Poetry
    In The Description Areas

    Of All my Facebook Profile

    Pics In The Last 45 Months
    True Technology Has Advantages

    Too it Was Nice to Have
    Some Connection Shut-in
    In Hell in My Bedroom
    Deathly Living Dead
    Ill for 66 Months

    Until July of
    2013 At The
    Begin of
    Heaven Within

    And Back To The
    Legend Part That is
    Only Told i Was So

    Poor When i Met
    My Wife i Promised
    Her Soul Would Remain
    Child of Love Eternally

    Loved By

    me Do

    Fairy Tales

    With Dungeons
    And Dragons And

    Heroes Come True

    It Seems Like in Someways

    They Do Yet We Still Take

    The Trash Out And There

    Will Always Be Underwear to

    (She Does Most of “The Work”)

    Wash Love Makes It All

    Worth It All DarK Thru



    Is Mystory

    And i’m


    It For 90 Months
    Of SMiLes And 14,522
    Miles Of Public Dance
    For if Not Being In
    Constant State
    Of Autotelic

    Flow i Might
    Not Be Able
    To Complete
    A Game of Tic
    Tac Toe As That
    Is What Happens
    In Hell When The Colors
    Of Life Our Emotions Go

    Away Now




    To Paint With

    The Colors

    Of The Wind

    And ‘Pocahontas’

    ‘That Girl’ Also In

    This ‘Avatar Movie’



    To Age

    Still Today

    People Used

    To Describe My
    Brain As A Valuable
    Commodity Human
    Computer i Am No

    Longer That “Stone
    Cold Bust Of A Statue”

    On The Album Cover
    Of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely
    Hearts Club Band” in


    i Am Alive
    i BREaTHE Create
    New Colors of Wind
    Now i “ See”/Be i Am

    LoVinG FREE ALL CoLoRs🏝😊

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  7. J. M. Lilin says:

    Fred is a very nice name. Sorry about the mistake. That’s really quite brilliant. Thanks again.

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  8. SMiles Surely
    Not Your
    So Much😊

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