I Will Be The World


I will be the world.

Claustrophobic storms in the deserted cities.

To the flowers that might grow in the sky.

Stars reflected in the ocean depths.

I like to imagine that all writers are born in a place far away.

Where each inspired image can come together as one.

Entering the mind through a blink of colored eyes.

To be born in a land with imaginary friends.

Just as the sun must fall to bring up a new creation.

We writers know the difference between the day and night.

Staying up when the world falls asleep, to fall away.

Discovering a place where a new realm has been born.

Come upon the cover to hear the newest song.

Find out who it is that you once wanted to be.

Become a part of the sky stars and the land legends.  

Become and be what it is I wonder.

 I will be the world.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Jade Dance, Song, Poetry
    Of the Soul Finds Us And Connects to Us

    Within in Right Hemisphere Metaphor

    Of Mind Where Left Brain May

    Search For Creativity
    Wholeness Union

    In Life With

    All And

    Sadly Stay

    Divided And
    Separating From Being All…
    At 47 Separated From Soul This
    Way Yet Piano Notes FLoWinG Through
    My Fingers of Creativity for the Days Decades
    Then Ever only Playing By Sheet Music Before

    As True my Soul the Silent Right Brain Metaphor
    Social Empathic Artistic Spiritual Part Found a Song
    Through Fingers and Notes to Communicate SOS

    Soul Of Suffocating in So Much Numb And Pain
    Yet No One Tells Us in School, Work, or Even
    Church How This Happens to A Human Being
    We Are Stuck Having to find This Unity by
    LooKinG iN And Letting Silent Soul Mind
    Escape As Left And Right Brain
    Metaphor May Find Marriage
    of Soul With Words in Poetry
    Releasing SPiRiT oF HeART
    Free This Way to Come to Play
    No Different Than A 5 Year-Old
    Child and Less Before Spirit of Soul
    Is Taken Away in a Left Brain Metaphor
    World of School And Work Usually to Come

    Next Where
    One May
    Be Lost

    From Child Eyes

    of Play and Creativity

    Potentially All of Their Life

    Never Returning to Unity oF ALL

    Fortunately For me i Recorded the Piano
    Song on a Cheap Dictation Device in the Midst
    Of All the Pain And Numb i recorded it on Youtube

    To Hear Back Easily When i Could Tolerate the Sound
    And Any Colors oF Light in Both Visual/Hearing And Feeling of Bringing
    Emotions Back to Breathe Again In This World More Than Living Dead…

    i Named it ‘Challenging Alexithymia’ as Ironically i Lost Connection of Words
    Expressing Emotions And The Poetry Free Verse Found me to Marry Words

    Of Soul Again



    My Fingers

    Again And

    In the Song i Created

    One May Hear A Soul
    Struggling to Survive and
    Fighting its Way Back Home

    i couldn’t Describe the Archetypal
    Story of the Hero We All Face in Life
    In Words Then Rising Out of Dark Bringing
    Light Back to Others Yet Now i Can And Will
    And Even Share That First And Only Song i Composed
    Shortly Before i Went to Hell in 2008 Back in 2007 For
    Then to Return Again to Breathing Life in Colors Again for
    All In Mind And Body Balancing Soul Until Age 53 on 7.19.2013…

    Your Words Concisely Provide the Same Meaning to me For it’s
    True i Listen With More Than Eyes and Ears too the Deeper Part

    Our Soul


    May get

    Lost Along the

    Way Just Waiting

    For Someway to


    An SOS


    Return Again
    to the Part of Mind
    That Does Words that
    May Not Be Colored With Breath of Life..

    Lost A Poet Friend From India to Covid-19
    A Professor Engineer in India Pursuing Her PHD
    Keeping Colors of Her Soul Alive The Same

    Way As She Said “Writing Feels Good” And
    “Feelings Are the Proof That You Are Rare” It’s’ true

    God Smiles




    And The World
    Loses A Child When They
    Disconnect As That Applies
    to Us Within And With Others too…

    The Good News Is We aRe Still Breathing
    And Poetry Keeps That Breath of Life For Others to Taste…:)

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  2. I feel this on a spiritual level 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  3. J. M. Lilin says:

    “We are still breathing.” I love it. Always inspiring and lifting others up. You’re absolutely amazing, Frederick. Thanks so much for all your support, feedback, and kind words.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. J. M. Lilin says:

    That’s so amazing to hear. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I’m glad my words could touch you.

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  5. SMiles Dear Jade
    Felt A Need For
    More than

    One Finger
    On A Smart
    Phone to

    Express What
    Comes Next Yet
    As Always in

    Flow in
    Of Souls With
    Other Poets
    And Artists

    You Have
    Already Expressed
    Part of What my



    In Your

    Next Poem
    So i Shall
    Leave This

    Here in Reply With one
    Smartphone Finger

    And Travel To
    Your Next

    With 10 Fingers
    Dancing Singing

    With SMiLes
    Of Creativity You Inspire🙌😊

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  6. J. M. Lilin says:

    Haha so true. Thanks, Frederick. I’m glad my words could touch you. Keep inspiring.

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  7. SMiles Hehe
    i’ll Do
    my Very Best🙌😊

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  8. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thank you! 🙂


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