They Don’t Know


They don’t know.

They don’t know what goes through her head.

The girl that came from a twisted far away wonderland.

They don’t know.

They don’t know why she is the way she is.

She wears all black but her mind is a thousand unexistent colors.

Her hair is dyed to illustrate the vast portraits of constellation.

They don’t know.

They don’t know her deepest desires.

She wishes her imaginary friends would come to life.

She wants to start a parade of believers to swim the deepest thoughts.

Survive the islands of daydreams and defeat the darkest ink blots.

They don’t know.

They don’t know what the city lights and graffiti means.

Color the most stunning poems and leave them in museums to never die.

They don’t know.

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  1. People just don’t know what kind of person you really are. They just don’t know!!

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  2. J. M. Lilin says:

    Exactly. We should never assume. “Never judge a book by its cover.”


  3. SMiLes Dear Jade Blessed on the
    Autism Spectrum Without the Ability
    to Speak Until Four So Hard to Understand

    By Others in Output After That

    Yet So Blessed With Input

    of Remembering And

    Decoding Symbols

    Just Pay Attention
    to the Teacher Never
    Really Even Read A Book

    And Ace Every Multiple Choice

    Test As A Stellar Rote Memory
    Temporary For That All that Need
    Be to Make Straight A’s All the Way

    Through Three College Degrees Yet

    What is Left Undone then is the Output

    Part Hehe Necessary at That Point With Three
    Humanity Degrees as The Business Degrees
    That i Could Have Done With my Systemizing
    Mind Just Had no Color of Soul That i Wanted Most

    In Life


    Most to

    Create Anew!

    Not What i Read
    in A Book Before

    Yet Again with only
    Answering Questions
    on Multiple Choice Tests

    Farthest Away From That Gift
    Coming to me in Life Oh Goodness
    After College Without Output Never Even
    Likely Getting A Job Except for A Government
    Grant and A Military Bowling Center Going to Computer
    Scoring Among First in the Nation and Hehe the only one

    From the Applications

    With A Computer

    Class then in


    That Would Eventually
    Lead me to Financial Independence
    Yet With Gifts and Curses getting better
    At Social Interaction on the Autism Spectrum
    Yet Ironically The Intellectual Side of the Paradise

    of University


    Away Somewhere
    in A Card Catalog
    All that Was Left then

    of Any Potential Intellectual
    Life it got to the point that all i did
    Was Write Down one Word For Years
    in a Pass Down Log at the End of the Night:


    You Know Dear FRiEnD ‘Times’ Have Changed
    Now We Have All the Intellect And Arts At Our Finger

    Tips on a 6 inch Screen Indeed the Tool the Key to All the
    Reserves Of Human Science/Art Are Now At Our Disposal Almost Free
    And Easily Available Always Now Yet the Metaphor i Love to Use Now is
    Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Mozart, Beethoven, Van Gogh, Michelangelo,
    Uncle Bob, And Great Aunt Jettie, And All the Rest of the Folks on the Album Cover
    of The Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band Got Stuck At the Bus Stop

    Playing A Never
    Ending Game

    in Distraction

    of Candy Crush

    With Never A Forrest
    Gump Story to Relate About Life
    No Paintings or Any Of the Other
    Arts And Sciences too You Know

    Now It’s True As my Family Used
    to Remind me my Grandfather An
    X-Catholic Irish Priest from Limerick
    Who Broke the Rules So i would Eventually
    Be Seeded in a Little Town in Northwest Florida
    ‘Backwoods’ As ‘They’ Say He Eventually Became
    An Editor of a Magazine in New York, New York, Author
    of Books, And Even Has His own Wiki Page Now For Biography
    too And as Family Stories Have it Living in New York, New York
    in the Socialist Circles Then Dining With Einstein in that Circle of
    Acquaintances then… my Father Raised on A Farm Going into the

    Routine of Law Enforcement

    for 46 Years Claim to Fame

    Longest Serving Deputy Sheriff
    In Florida At One Point Yet No
    Desire to Even Become A Sergeant
    After He Tried it And Gave it up for the ‘Old Routine’…

    In Other Words It’s not Enough to Go to School And Listen
    to the Teacher and Make Straight A’s And Oh Yeah my Father

    And A Poem my Mother Wrote As She Was the Actual Published Poet
    The Poem She Wrote “Green Eyes” As She Laid Eyes Upon My Father
    at the Court House She Worked At Clerical As Such Winning Best Figure
    in 11th And 12th Grade Yes Most Feminine Woman Elected in School As Such

    She Said in His Attire At That Point Half Shaven As Beverage Agent With
    Camouflage Clothes to Catch Moonshiners in the Deep Woods That Whoever
    Was Married to that Man Must Be the Luckiest Woman in the World As He Was the
    Best Looking Man She Ever Saw on the Face of the Earth And So He Asked
    Her to Marry Him on the Second Date And She Did And He Rarely Ever
    Spoke Another Word to Her And His Identical Twin Brother Also
    Likely on the Autism Spectrum Never Said a Word At all to Her
    in 3 years as He Was in Law Enforcement too.. He Left When
    i Was 3 Years-Old Before i could Speak to Pursue His
    Dream to Become Rich telling my Mother She
    Needed to Go to Work to Make Money
    Instead of Staying Home As She
    Wanted to, devoting her Whole
    Life to Raising Her Children

    Which She Did Anyway Working
    too As We Lived in a Little Shot-Gun
    Home DownTown on the River in the
    Small Milltown that My Grandmother Owned
    Growing up in a Matri-Focal Family Smothered
    With Love Finding My Fearless Father Later at
    53 Years-Old Within Finally Then Yet you See

    When i was Young What i admired Most is How
    The Elders Sat together in A Living Room For Living
    Not Even A Radio Just Narrating Stories of Life With
    Emotions Bringing them to Life as the Event Reborn
    Comes Back to Life And My 94 Year-Old Great Aunt Used
    to Tell Me Stories Then When i was 47 With No Spirit Breath
    of Life Left to Hardly Complete A Sentence Yet She Went on
    Hours Poetically With Stars In Her Eyes Every Word A Song

    Every Feeling

    A Wave of


    Deep From
    Soul Hop Scotching
    The Moon Soaring Above
    the Sun Stars Above High
    As She Was Low And Beyond

    Her Less that 5 foot Frame Crippled
    Bent Over Walker Barely Able to take

    A Step Yet A Dance And Song Her Stars

    Poetry of Voice Still Brought in Story of Soul

    As You See By Now This Story Never Really

    Ends or Begins it Just is Now it Breathes Life into

    Words When one Frees The SonG oF Their SoUL

    And Dances it Free As Wings Free Fly The Air

    True It’s Not Enough to Listen to The Teacher

    Find the Student

    Who Will


    Your Teacher

    Then There is No Separation

    Then All Is Melody of Breathing

    Creation Activity…


    You Teacher…

    i Was Lucky i Was the
    Ugly Duckling That the
    Other Children Called an
    Ugly Girl Who Was A Boy

    Hehe On the Other hand my
    Father Rarely Had to Do Any of
    His Clerical Work in Law Enforcement

    Just A Smile of Green Irish Eyes And
    Secretaries Melted and did all the Work for him…
    Contrasting Yes With Olive Skin And Jet Black
    Thick Curly Closed Cropped Hair From Yes the
    Cajun 17 Year-Old Girl Who Woo’ed Him From
    The Pews When my Grandfather Was Her Priest
    at 36 Years-old It’s true my Grandmother in Her

    60’s Still Had

    Live in




    French too Where

    They Practiced Language too…

    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD There is A Certain
    Something Missing From Twitter Life The
    Stories That Bring Life to Love And Deeper to Exhale…

    Let me Find A Song For This As Really All Humans Wanna go to a Deeper place…

    That’s What’s Missing the Story Most We Narrate With Each Other in life to Connect

    And Be


    More Than Just

    ‘That Stone Statue’

    on the Album Cover

    of the “Sergeant Pepper’s (i used to be)

    Lonely Heart’s Club Band” by ‘the Beatles in ’67…

    It’s Worth Noting Now That at the Head of the

    Whole Band ‘Lakshmi’ Leads the Choir (Band)…

    It’s Worth noting She’s From Every Country… too…

    i Believe That Deep Down We All Wanna Come Out of ‘The Shallows’..

    i Just Wanna Give Everyone i meet A Gift my 94-Year Old Crippled Great Aunt Gave me: Breath…:)

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  4. J. M. Lilin says:

    That’s really beautiful. Honestly, I love your perspectives. It is best to just be as kind as we possibly can. We shouldn’t assume. We should understand. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Frederick. I always appreciate it.

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  5. SMiLes Dear Jade This is
    Even More Fun Than
    The Decade Young
    i Spent Playing
    Tennis At The
    City Park Hehe
    So Focused in
    Flow Some Folk
    Thought i’d Go

    Pro Yet


    i Just Like
    People And
    Poor With Snazzy
    Socially Appropriate
    Verbal Skills Tennis


    The Gift

    To Connect
    With All Who
    Played in Town

    No Different



    Hehe The
    Scale is just
    Global Now

    For it’s

    At The


    And Arts

    A Lonely
    Boy And Or
    Girl Who Never
    Gives Up Trying

    To Find Someway

    To Be Heard



    Of The
    DarK to
    Shine And
    Be Touched By Warmth

    Oh Yeah Dance Works
    Too Oldest Human


    Of Life
    Language Indeed☺️🙌

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  6. J. M. Lilin says:

    You are too kind. I cannot thank you enough. You bring me many smiles and inspiration to continue.

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  7. SMiles Dear
    Jade to me
    Of Heaven



    Is To Be
    A Giver Now
    Most in This
    World We LiVE iN
    At Least


    A Title

    Of Wittiest

    Fool From

    All The
    Others Who
    Cannot Hear
    A Sound Of Music
    God’s Breathing Now


    Beyond All
    Form Essence
    NoW Of Kindness
    Yes LoVE iNCaRNaTE




    Always New
    Thank You




    Hehe Obviously Usually
    i Don’t FiT iN A TwitterVerse Yet
    I Don’t Feel Like A Lonely Boy Now🙌☺️

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  8. This is great imagery: “She wears all black but her mind is a thousand unexistent colors.
    / Her hair is dyed to illustrate the vast portraits of constellation.” You always manage to put in these rare and unique lines!

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  9. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thank you so much for such a kind comment! Those were lines I’ve had in my head for a while so I was really excited to share them.

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  10. That’s awesome. It’s cool to know the process of writer at times. See how others do it, how long they keep lines before using them. Well done!

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