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The Stars Are Alive

They told me that I had to like the sun.

It was those bright beams though that made my head pound.

How could I like the sun if we did not get along?

I had to hide away the fact that I was settling for the smaller orbs.

I had to let them believe I did not feel my thoughts in the night.

I had to hide away my love for the constellation skies.

Only those stars knew my darkest and brightest figures.

Only those stars knew who I was when no one forced me.

The sun is a solid mass that keeps us surviving.

It is the stars though that dance about to the midnight melody.

It is the stars that make me feel alive.

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  1. Original Creativity is
    Treasure Jade yet of



    Original Has no
    Preplanned Target


    Which Ironically

    May Put The

    Flame of
    This Treasure

    Out Through


    And Affirmation

    Key is Feeling
    Treasure of

    What You
    Art Within

    Be Spirit Wind
    Whether It Takes

    Years For

    Of Your


    To Touch


    Similarly Prepared

    Essence Beyond Form



    Treasure Flame 🔥

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