Fantasizing Reality

A prisoner to the person I used to be and a prisoner of my own mind.

Got a table down in my basement with a soul that used to be mine.

Taken apart too many times to remember how to reapply it.

I tell you to leave me alone, but I need you more than ever.

Don’t know what to say but need to hear your steady mind.

It is hard to explain the voices in my head.

Could you save my thoughts?

It is a puzzle in the hurricane, and I am locked in the attic. 

The key to the basement has been burned into paper. 

I tried to tell you honestly, but I cannot even write it down straight.

Got to use these riddles to tell you what has happened.

I could already be dead, or I could be a ghost.

Could you save my heart? 

It is quite the opposite of what you would think.

It is not numbness but the feature of feeling far too much.

Sensations of sensitivity building a rough defense.

Villains are the ones who want the sun more than the rest of us.

Fantasizing a different reality so that I never fall away.

Using this reality to save myself.

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  1. henhouselady says:

    You created some fantastic word pictures in this verse. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. J. M. Lilin says:

    I’m so pleased to hear you were able to pull my words into your senses. Thank YOU for reading and commenting.

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  3. Paradox of Too Many Feelings And Senses Jade

    Versus Next to None As Piece of Paper Existence

    Surely Been to Both Parts of my Inner UniVeRSE

    And Limitless Other Areas ‘Tween Both

    Places to Breathe We May

    Spend Our Life


    External Goals

    And Goods Yet Until We

    Explore Our Inner UNiVeRSE

    Successfully Regulating And Integrating

    Colors of Emotions And Senses Best In Flow

    All The Parts of Humpty Dumpty Just Don’t Quite

    All Come Together As One Happy Egg to Hatch A Newer Day

    Oh Goodness


    Now Close to 61 Years

    All The Different Multi-Uni-Verses
    i Experience Within Along the Way in All
    The Colors SHades of Grey And BLacK Abyss

    too i Suppose All We May Ever Be Able to Do For Each

    Other As Humans is Forgive All the Frailities And Lend An

    Ear And A Lift Up Whenever We Can And Will to Life Guard

    Breath of Others to At Least Continue on Breathing For Another Day

    It’s Easy to Be

    A Fair Weather

    FRiEnD Yet


    FRiEnDS Who’ve
    Already Ridden Out
    Storms Unforeseen
    Are Surely Anchors
    Bringing Safe Harbors Back To Sails

    in Life’s Roughest Seas When Colors Rage or Go Away…

    SMiLes Every Human Is Another UniVerse Always Worthy of Explore..:)

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  4. J. M. Lilin says:

    “Every human is another universe.” That’s the most beautiful thing – I’m absolutely inspired. Thanks so much for reading and commenting -you’re words are always kind and brilliant

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  5. SMiles Dear Jade
    At Best We Evolve
    As Multi-Uni-Verses


    Kindness Real

    Love For All

    With Least



    Is What

    i Feel Getting
    And Staying Rich
    Whole Complete Is

    It Honestly

    Feels Like God to me😊

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  6. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thank you, Frederick. I am very grateful for your kind comment. Keep inspiring

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  7. SMiles Jade Always
    Enjoy Coming Here🙌😊

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