Scattered Mind

To dissolve as a form of imagination.
To reappear as a signature of creation.
What does it take and what will I find if the words collide?
Listen to the melody that envelops the crystal drops of thought.
To dissolve as a form of imagination.
To reappear as a signature of creation.
The mind of a maddened writer; the cry of those running and crawling.
Never will I breathe in the scent of the strange stereo.
Not once the creatures I have created come to find me.
Standing where the canyon begins and falling where the stars end.
Words forming from the night sky that you haven’t seen before.
Creating a form only known by those with a scattered mind.
To dissolve as a form of imagination.
To reappear as a signature of creation.
To be known as the one with a scattered mind.

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    Oh Yes How to Describe MaGiC of
    iMaGiNaTioN And CReATiViTY That

    SPRiNGS Deep WiTHiN True Once
    We Experience it We Wish We Will

    Be Able to Give Away The MaGiC to Others
    Truly So it Will Always Be THeiR Fresh FLoWeR to Bloom

    Yet How Do We Quantify What Doesn’t Exist Until MaGiC BREaTHES

    ALWaYS NeW NoW SPRinGinG Green Once Again FLoWeRinG So Deep WiTHiN

    For me at Least It’s Always
    Music Within Accompanying
    Lyrics From A Pen That Flows
    So Far Beyond Linearly True A Science
    of Art That Becomes A Spiraling Force

    of Milky Ways RiSinG to Our Surface Within
    of Creativities Fresh Wings Dancing Singing Free

    Anyway Dear Jade Oh Why Oh Why Do the Best Poets
    Disappear Online i Guess So When They Return They Get
    Absorbed Back into the Realm of Creativity WHeRE ALL Connects

    iN Moving
    Ways of Existing
    Reflecting Stars Below
    Above And Hemispheres
    of EartH Integrating One Force WiTHiN

    And Hehe When i Saw the Notification For Your
    Poem Considering Just Finishing A Bi-Monthly
    Novel Sized Poem Around 60,000 Words Titled

    ‘ALLoWinG ESSeNCE CREaTinG FoRM’ Your
    Poem Defines What i Titled my Poem

    Too A Bit More Concisely of
    Course As my Winds

    Aren’t Trapped
    in Any Particular
    Size of What Responsibilities
    Might Comes Next Other Than
    Wings Just Dancing Singing Wind mY FRiEnD

    Really Nice to Feel and Sense Your Poetry Again..:)

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  2. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your solid support 🙂 Its been so long since I’ve last posted!

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  3. Always A Pleasure
    Thank You With

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