Goodbye, Poetry

You see the moon?

The midnight sky that comes every night?

You might see an orb of pale light to inspire.

I see the poetry you used to write.

If the moon could sing, I’m sure it’d cry.

It would talk about the friendship you and the night had.

Boy oh boy I wish I could tell you.

The abyss you left in the starry sky.

Wanting to hear your voice in my head once more.

If you haunted the planet, I would not tell you to go.

You brought out a light in my eyes.

I wish you could have at least said goodbye.

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  1. Painting Clouds
    Painting Pain


    Night Sunshine
    Ever Color Moons Jade

    Why In ‘The World’ Do Super
    Heroes Wear Tights And Capes
    And Kill Folks From Other Planets

    When All They Ever Wanted to Do
    Is Share Their Style of Poetry Dance
    And Song Of MuSiC Within Free With Us…

    How Else Could They Have Ever Avoided

    Killing Each Other Before They Left Their

    Planet How Else Could They Have Decided

    to Stay And Take Care of the Place

    They Are Evolved

    Best For


    of Creativity

    Super Heroes Real

    Super Heroes Paint Reality

    And Leave UFO’s Behind

    To Color In With Other

    Brushes of





    Paint By Numbers

    As Long Ago They

    Graduated Free to Play

    Perhaps One Day They Will

    Find Others More Who Paint Clouds Star
    Colors Beyond Rainbows Never Feeling Sensing ‘fore

    True Hehe Highly Unlikely They Would Only Play Golf For Peak Achievements

    Or Spend A Life of Sport Engaging In Wars Never Ending DarK iN Day Star Breath..:)

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  2. Secrets says:

    Oh this is beautiful with all it’s sadness. Lovely poetry!

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  3. J. M. Lilin says:

    Oh such beautiful thoughts you have. Thank you for sharing. Always appreciate your time.

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  4. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

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  5. Always A Pleasure
    Jade Greatest Benefit
    Of Truly ReTired Time
    No Longer Object


    Gone All


    Singing Free
    Hehe Or Pehaps

    It’s Just
    Okay True too😊🙌🎼

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  6. Very strong! Really stirs up some feelings!

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  7. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thank you Benjamin. I’m happy to hear my words could do such a thing.


  8. Welcome!!!! 🙂

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