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A Boy Named Sky

There is something about you I can never forget.

A portrait in your eyes that reminds me of a starry night.

Or is it the galaxy of freckles setting your face.

It could be the sun sparking a warm fire in your voice.

Possibly telling myself it is the alignment of worlds when you smile.

Eyes blue from above and head stuck in the clouds.

I know that your name is Forrest.

So why did they not call you Sky?

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  1. Clear As Day i See

    Her Standing Dancing
    Singing Free Within

    Stars Sprinkle


    She Is

    Wrapping Her

    Body Galaxies Spiraling

    Warming Snow Flake HeART

    Dropping Tears Star Light Breathes

    Just Happy


    Shining Colors
    More Above Below to Be i Am…

    SMiLes Jade Thanks Now For

    Forrest Green Star Lit Poetry…:)

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