Flightless Fingerprints


I was waiting alone at the edge of my colorless canvas.  

You were the artist I needed to meet.

I could see your mark against the screen.

A gorgeous array of personality left by your warmth.

Your fingers are in a flight of life, leaving prints all about.

Creating nothing but the inspiration in your eyes.

Before you left to dance upon the skyline of the beach.

Always at your side, grazing anyplace they might adventure.

You still have a chance to bring me flowers.

While your hands are alive to heal my scars.

You went away for a while, but I hope for your return.

For sometimes it is too long, and I do not recognize the constellation.

Your fingerprints have not been traveling the mysterious skies.

You never seem to be awake lately, even when the stars are away.

Always lost int that realm where you are drowning in a desert.

You are not awake enough to dance with the freedom of yourself.  

For now, it seems that you have flightless fingerprints.

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  1. jonicaggiano says:

    Lovely writing.

    “You still have a chance to bring me flowers.

    While your hands are alive to heal my scars.”

    I love these lines but the poem is lovely in its entirety. Have an amazing weekend. Love Joni 🤗❤️

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  2. SMiLes Jade 8 Years Ago And A Few Days in a First True
    Step Back in Stream of Consciousness Flow Yet

    To Feel Still All The Colors

    That Come In Shells

    Where Words

    Become Magic

    Touch of Soul

    Escaping A Trip

    To All Pain and Numb
    For 66 Months i had one
    Facebook FRiEnD Brave

    Enough to FRiEnD the Man

    With Only A Cat Avatar as A Face…

    The Place i could Still Feel A Hint of Warm
    in A Cat’s Purr Close to Soul as i Will BREaTHE Free then…

    Just a Private Message to that one FRiEnD who Recommended

    i make it a Blog Post my First one True it helps to have Bystanders to Push us up..

    i Wrote About the Beach

    of My Youth Being

    One With Nature

    The Wild and Free

    Spirit of the Feral Cat

    From the Woods Taken in

    With Disease Trapped inside

    Forever then and the Domesticated

    One Who Never Felt His Call of Wild in Smell…

    i Found what i was Missing What Was Taken From me

    in 19 Years of School With 33 Years of Paid Work too…

    Jack London’s ‘Call of the Wild’ Why Did that Book Bring

    Tears to my Eyes as a Child i wasn’t A Dog i Was Human

    i ‘Thought’ i Was Not Even A Cat Yet i still had haha

    A Lot More Fur than most of my Human Friends

    Hehe before Fur Became Unwanted and
    Only too Wild that Must Be

    And Removed…

    Anyway the Connection
    of Humans Same With Nature
    Whether it Be Walking the Beach
    With Only my Foot Prints of God or
    Serving A Drunken Crowd of Sailors
    At A Menial Job Passing out Rental Shoes

    At A Military Bowling Center after Earning Three Degrees

    Moving, Connecting, And Co-Creating Eventually i Became A Human
    Sadly Computer Machine Instead of Flesh and Blood Touch and After

    i Fell Down as a Machine so Cold From Head to Toe So Cold even
    in a Summer Breeze of a Hundred Degrees i traveled Back to the Beach
    Carrying A Comet Tail of What Followed Behind as All My Cultural Tools as Clothes

    True in all my Pain and Numb i Just Wanted to Drown in the Ocean Whole if that is

    What it took

    To Feel the


    Is Nature
    Free Moving
    Connecting Co-Creating
    my Soul and Yes it took

    66 Months When the Blood

    Finally Stopped and i started to Breathe Again…
    Value of Poetry Being Able to Go Back to the Dark
    to Appreciate Night Brings Day So Many Avenues

    So Many Tools Now Culture Does Provide if We Master
    Them All As Servant instead of Slave We CoMe to BReaTHE Not Bleed..:)

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  3. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thank you! I appreciate this comment. I love that you found an interest in so many lines.
    You have a great weekend as well.

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  4. J. M. Lilin says:

    Amen! Thanks so much for the support. Love your comments.

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  5. SMiLes Jade All
    My Pleasure Keep
    Writing Keep



    BREaTHE Creativity

    All the DarK Thru



    And Others Real!🏝

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  6. jonicaggiano says:

    You are so welcome. 🤗❤️💕🥰

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  7. Such a cool and fresh title!

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  8. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thanks! I was quite excited when it came to me.


  9. You’re welcome! That feeling of getting great words. 🙂

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