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Holding Onto You

Gaze meaningfully searching for the lights that flicker.

Finding it such a mesmerizing sight when the leaves curl as they burn.

Looking forward to the strange color of death in autumn nature.

Dancing with the shadows that are cast over in such little light.

Oblivious to the friendship of the sun and spilling secrets to the moon.

Attracted to the reasoning behind a villain with a true moral of the story.

Head in the clouds when the sun falls rather than rises.

The truth is that I truly like you.

You see your reflection as a dark poem.

I see it as the form of art that humans connect to the most.

You are the paint spilled in pain to form something gorgeous.

To create something, we can hold onto.

A piece of lyric or verse that has fallen from the storm.

Not caring whether you are silver or gold.

I will walk with you if the lit fragments of the sky have fallen.

I will run with you if the darkest nights spin wildly.

I will forever and always be holding onto you.

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  1. Never Leaving Broken Wings Behind

    Poetry Empty Full Scale Human Condition

    Lifted One Day From Moon to Sun Resurrection

    Heaven Distance Tween Pain And Pleasure Numb And Joy

    Birds And Poetry

    Words That


    From Far

    Away Lands Capture

    Them Before They Disappear

    And Those Were the Words that

    Appeared When i Read Your Poem Jade

    On The Run Jotting Them Down As Facebook

    Statuses to Return to them Later for This as Otherwise

    The Birds of Words Might Have Flown Away Forever Now..:)

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  2. Thank YOU for being inspired. In a community of so many writers, I sometimes am not sure if my writing is enough to inspire but your support means a ton to me and motivates me. So, thank YOU.

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  3. SMiles Jade
    my Blog Comprises
    9.1 MiLLioN Words
    Of Free Verse Poetry

    That is


    A Collection Of “Letters”

    Of What Innumerable

    Folks Around the Globe

    Inspire Now in 91

    Months in What

    i Name As

    “SonG oF mY SouL”

    Every Color of Soul
    i meet and greet


    To The
    Colors of my

    Soul For Human

    Connections Paint

    God This Way

    Your Art is


    The Most

    Unique And
    Beautiful With SMiles😊🙏

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