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3 a.m. Thoughts

What would it be like if I wasn’t a writer? To not wake up in the early hours. When the stars are still out, and the moon is taking its turn to explore. Where I cannot fall back into the darkness of sleep because I have too many ideas knocking at the door of my mind. Now, I have to find some paper and pen.

Bookshelves, overflowing with favorites. Chapters that are bookmarked and quotes that are underlined or copied down. Posters of inspirations and a story board that is covered. I can’t stop thinking. What would life be like without all these thoughts? Is this quite the average for a writer or am I losing it?

Rich, blue envelops the room and my voice echoes to the ceiling as I speak out loud, the inspirations. It is music, truly, the sound of questions along with the click of a keyboard. The eccentrics. The curiosity. The webs created by the spider of my conscious is overfilling with the creation that I could imagine up in no time.

Will I ever stop thinking this quickly? Hasty thoughts like individuals, waiting in an excessively, long line. I write down one and the very next is calling my name, begging to be taken note of. This is too much. I have too much to say. Too much to write. Too much to type.

Here I go. Wait…what was that? Write about the indivisible man? Wait…no, write about the soul of the attic? Wait…the writer and the window? Hey, I love that idea about writing a poem on the depth of rain puddles. How can I choose? What will I do?

These three a.m. thoughts are a bit overwhelming. I’m ready to sleep but will my mind ever let me? I am only human but the unsigned writer inside of me will not let me sleep. Word after word is thrown into a jumble of creativity that cannot be ignored.

I suppose that sleep will have to be forgotten for now, so that I may write these words. Maybe, for once, the unsigned writer hiding in my soul will take a vacation. Yet, I believe that’s only a hope. Truth is, I’ll be writing these words for a million years. For if the unsigned writer ever went to rest, I would have to pause a moment too.

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  1. Ahhh, yes. The fun.. the restless thoughts. The unexpected inspirations. It’s like having a bless and a curse walking us down the lane. But, whenever you have a moment of inspiration and you start writing and it keeps flowing throughout your mind to your hand…. Yeah, that’s any amazing high to have for us writers!!!😍

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  2. It is one of my favorite moments. Being able to write and just keep on writing without barely thinking just from a single idea. You’re absolutely right on it being amazing 😅

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  3. Exactly, Mike. A blessing and a curse; I agree. I love the amazing worlds I enter at that time but I would also like some sleep. In the end though, the stories are always worth it.

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