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Nightmare Guardian

A memory in the jar of your complex disposition.

Do you ever look past those eyes of color and personality?

Do you ever look past to see what truth is hidden inside the moment of their stillness?

You instantly expect a reliable rejoicement of joyous medicine that could heal your own bandages.

Yet, you should understand that every sun also casts a shadow; a shadow that is hidden in their silhouette.

Was it truly a howl of merriment you reached or shall we tell you the honesty of starry skies alone?

If you pay a close enough sacrifice, you might see it is a burst of emotion to a shrieking monster with claws of isolating loneliness.

An isolation of cautious fear put up in a doubtful, struggling smile.

There could be either an introvert clown or a hermit of hesitancy.

Expose the doubt to undo a cage with a fire of true lit up eyes and smiles.

Realize that a smile is not always a smile of credence.

A smile could be a guardian to a faltering nightmare.

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