Skeleton In A City


A flickering shower of sparkling lights have shown us the way.

To the city that owns a parade of proud dreamers.

No matter the weather, they show us both sides.

Sunlight reflects in the glass panes thoughtful gazes.

While the rain brings puddle to give us an upside-down perspective.

It all seems so lovely before we all head home.

Only poets know the truth about the city of dreamers.

For every creator must know that to be a dreamer, you must know both sides.

Look past the sky-scrapers for trees and look past the traffic for rivers.

You will find a bipolar planet showing two halves of a dynamic being.

When the stars come out to bring not only hope but also nightmares.

For not every human simply owns a heart and soul.

We our still a surviving spirit in systems of thin connections.

Nerves in the roots of who we used to be.

Graffiti for eyeshadow and braided sidewalks.

Knowing now forever more that every city owns a skeleton.

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. What a beautiful piece of writing!! A most enjoyable read!

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  2. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thank you! I really appreciate such lovely and kind feedback.

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  3. You are most welcome!! 🙂

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  4. Only Miles Separated From the
    City Living In the Forest Jade Oh


    In Building Life

    And Nature’s Breath

    For Humans Impose Order

    In Angles of Buildings They

    Construct Straight Lines

    When Reality Is Not

    Linear At All


    In All Directions

    Spontaneously Generating

    Whatever Colors Nature Births Next

    True there is The Chaos Of Nature Ever

    Changing And By Story There Are the

    Angles And Straight Lines We May even

    Bring to The Stories We Create As

    Waves Make New Ocean

    Shores Grow and

    Recede as


    Becomes Rain Drops

    We Are As Ocean Waves Differently Same
    SMiLes We Used to Visit The Casinos in Biloxi
    On A Church Tour Bus Once Each Month i always
    Wondered Why Folks Stayed in Buildings When The
    Beach Invites Unlimited Play FRiEnDS With Gravity A Balancing

    Dance For Totally Free As Stars Race Across Our UNiVeRSES Within

    Generating Energy So Many Different Colors in Every Point oF LiGHT We aRe

    True There Are Poetic Stars And Dances too All the Colors Yet to Paint A New World Now

    Are We



    We Create Next..:)

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  5. J. M. Lilin says:

    Thank you so much, Frederick. Your comments are always lovely and inspiring. Keep it up. Your personality can spread light.

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  6. SMiles Dear Jade Thank
    You For The Inspiration
    Every Poem Is A Prompt
    That Takes

    me Where
    i’ve Gone
    Where i Am

    New To See
    All Of Life
    Every Step
    A Dance Every
    Word A Song As

    All Of

    Breath A Poetry
    Prompt In Art is
    WHere i Am With SMiles😊

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