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Island Of Daydreamers

The Unsigned Writer

Island Of Daydreamers

Poetry By, J. M. Lilin

There is a blue color, my favored kind, full of a depth that seems impossible.

Impossibly blue? Impossibly there.

Shards and shades of the color paint out in a canvas of mixed color.

Rising and falling, twisting and turning, like a dance of a drowning mass.

A mass of foam and salt; a mass of reflections that proves wonder.

It spreads through this planet; it spreads its soul out and across.

Storms coming and going, slamming the heart of the blue against the cliff.

Ripples of reflections, spreading and forming into something gorgeous.

Intensity of unseen forces; the intensity of depth for underwater spirits.

Sailing ships of dreams searching for land – an island that could hold their whole self.

Searching for our own island!

An island I can rule, more curious than Neverland, somewhere I can find myself.

A home for a daydreamer, a home for a someone like myself.

An island that has trees of peculiar hues; an island with leaves of drifting wishes.

Wandering over, the clouds are made from dreams while the storms our composed of the nightmares.

Oh, the wonders you will find there are nothing like you or me.

Fancy a sphere that holds every orb of imagination that ever beheld the mind’s eye.

Picture a place that is only meant for you, a place that holds all that you could be.

Possibly, your one true love, will wait for you upon the sand made of gems.

Possibly, your whole life is simply waiting to unfold in the rain of the wandering clouds.

The land of daydreamers, the land of sleepwalkers, the land of wanderers, the land of hopers.

I hope that my sailing ship will eventually land at the island of daydreams.

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  1. Thank you. That is very kind and I truly am grateful for your support. I absolutely will. Like I’ve said before, these three a.m. thoughts never leave my mind alone. 💙


  2. That makes two of us. 😂 I get excited to see what the unsigned writer brings to me next. Imagination is priceless.
    Have a great week, Jojo, and keep up the kindness and the creativity. ✨


  3. The post cannot link, I don’t know why, a couple of people told me, and I also can’t see it anywhere but my saved reader, so I put in the next in line

    Liked by 1 person

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