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City Of Constellations

The Unsigned Writer

City Of Constellations

Written By, J. M. Lilin

There below the ledge is a constellation.

Spreading out like splintered pieces of electricity in the atmosphere.

Except down below her feet, like a stream of flashing fireflies.

Never reflecting over what might have survived inside the canyon, she steps closer.  

She has run out of her soul’s ink and has no more to spread over the paper.

Now she has a million imagined creations spinning around in her mind as a dance.

Ready to escape over the ledge into the city of constellations.

Not having any ideas what kind of monsters might come to life.

Not have any clues of what kind of characters are ready to come to her aid.

Orbs, peculiar and strange, magnetize her forward in each step without pause.

Magnificent like a dream of inspired roses, each petal falling down.

Becoming the windows to the city, similar to the soul of the writers.

She has so much more to say, so much more to drop down into the city.

Another step closer and she can hear the nebula melody.

Another step closer and the scent of midnight reflections has risen.

A smile is what she claims next and she takes her final step over that ledge.

Over that ledge, and right on into the city of constellations.

To escape the reality and enter a realm that will finally belong to her.

No longer the struggle of forced on clowns in a circus.

You will never find this girl now, for curiosity has led her away.

She has forever escaped into the city of constellations.

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Photo Credit: Pixabay

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