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Singing A Lullaby

The Unsigned Writer

Singing A Lullaby

Poetry By, J. M. Lilin

He has been making his way across a tightrope of doubt.

Wishing for the knowledge of who he was born to be.

Lonely as if all those meant for him were lost in a drought.

He became less hopeful with each passing friendship search in the city.

Books of fairy tales giving him false dreams.

His own imagination leading him away from the reality of truth.

His own nightmares taking him beneath a blanket of screams.

Unsure of himself and his future even through his youth.

So, it was that night he decided to change his own path.

Unlocking his window and stepping into the sky.

Taking on his demons in the midnight wrath.

Until he was at ease enough that he could hear the stars singing a lullaby.

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Photo Credit: Pixabay

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  1. Taking time to create your own path – a path that helps you remember the small things that make you happy, such as the lullaby sent from the stars -is what matters. Sometimes we need to stop doubting ourselves because all that doubt won’t do anything but give us a bunch of anxiety negative emotions that will only build up and weigh us down.
    Don’t ever grow up from your child self. Keep imagining, keep dreaming, and keep hoping. Always remember what is that you want, not want others want from you. That is the point of this. Keep the child in your heart because that will always keep you alive. 💙

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  2. I’ve spent much of my adult life creating my own path. I love the fact that I march to my own beat, even if it is a very lonely existence at times. The problem is that life threw me a bunch of curveballs all throughout 2019, and then I hadn’t quite recovered from that yet when COVID, and my inept state government’s response to it, took away all the small things that make me happy. At least that’s how I feel…

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  3. I understand but if life was always simple, and there were no others paths to get lost on, we would never have any adventures. Without adventures, we aren’t human. We wouldn’t have such wild imaginations. We couldn’t be writers. We couldn’t understand the difference between light and darkness. At least, that’s my philosophy.

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  4. That’s a very good point. I just find it a lot less stressful to initiate the adventures myself and not have them all dumped on me when I still have other stuff to deal with. I know that’s not realistic, though… :\

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  5. I am so sorry I didn’t reply to this sooner. I found it in my spam for a peculiar reason I don’t know of. Thank you so much for the nomination! I am truly grateful.


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