Tag: death

Seafoam And Sirens

Canvas of an unrecognized willow trunk. Droplets of rain given up on by the sky canopy. Colored veins of a painting never finished. A story blotted out with desolated ink. Projects buried and unremembered upon. Crafts beneath the shelfs down each isle. A yard full of pieces and […]

Singing A Lullaby

He has been making his way across a tightrope of doubt. Wishing for the knowledge of who he was born to be. Lonely as if all those meant for him were lost in a drought. He became less hopeful with each passing friendship search in the city. Books […]

Canyon of Lost Love

There once was a girl. She was one of beauty. Gorgeous, golden locks of hair that reached her waist. Eyes that were a sapphire blue, as blue as the bluest oceans. She had straight, graceful movements that kept her tall and proud, whether she was in a rush […]