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Canyon of Lost Love

The Unsigned Writer

Canyon Of Lost Love

Ballad By, J. M. Lilin

There once was a girl. She was one of beauty. Gorgeous, golden locks of hair that reached her waist. Eyes that were a sapphire blue, as blue as the bluest oceans. She had straight, graceful movements that kept her tall and proud, whether she was in a rush or in relaxation.

Every boy that laid eyes on her just had to say hello, but she never fell for any man. She was to precious, her heart to golden. She was waiting for the perfect one. She was waiting for her soul mate.

Then one day, she met a boy. He had blonde hair and eyes of green. Covering those eyes, were some handsome shades, yet he took them off to give her a wink. She almost fell but he caught her quick.

He asked her out and she said why not? The beautiful girl fell in love. The boy with shades fell in love. They were hopelessly mindless for everything but the other. They were once alone, but now they were one.

Then the worst came upon their lives, and that something happened, five years later. A single phone call and her heart was stolen. The handsome boy in shades, grinning and thoughtful, had fallen to be gone.

A bullet had gone through his heart and his blood stained the world crimson. Each bolt of blood cracked a canyon and every cry of agony from the girl of beauty indentured the world.

All hope and love were lost, until every part of her heart had fallen like a storm and each part of the canyon had formed. The pain was permanent, something large and something small.

Something we now call Grand, an indenture in the Earth. Her love was lost, and the world was broke. The girl of beauty was one and one alone.

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