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The Raft

There is yellow; a color once thought to be full of joy.

Now it is blinding, through the scattered spots of vision.

Over the yellow, is blue, once thought to be a favorite color.

Now both colors, both of these lovely colors, torture.

They are the only colors seen for miles.

Yellow at hand and blue for the landscape.

Mind like a suitcase; closed up with memories and logic far from reach.

Cannot seem to remember a name or a title for anything around the atmosphere.

Getting rid of the salty taste is impossible and the salt consumes my skin.

Lost in the middle of nowhere, yet, absolutely somewhere in the middle of this blue orb.

Isolation had been a simple problem to solve before the aircraft had left the soul all alone.

Clouds once thought to be friendly, are mocking from the sky where they are free to sail to land.

Being lost in the woods is now a wish; wishing for the friendship of nature over this endless rush of waves.

Yet, somewhere out there is an island simply meant to be.

Yet, somewhere out there is a place with an escape from this reality.

Hoping to eventually find home and hoping to eventually find land.

The want for a need has never been more powerful; like claws that grasp and drag.

Unable to move and unable to breathe; only able to lay upon the blinding yellow raft.  

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Photo Credit: Pixabay.

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  1. Thank you. Well, I suppose that is the point of this. It seems so vacant. So useless, but what needs to be remembered is that there is land out there somewhere, just waiting for you to arrive.

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