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Attic Of The Mind

Vivid and dazzling switching between dappled shelter are the little flickering lights. Tangled mazes of webs built by the spiders of thoughtful contemplations and reflections. Corners full of theories and notions that twirl and twist themselves into concepts. Brainwaves of inspirations confuse the cloud of obscuring shaded words. […]

Welcome To The Insane

Welcome to the insane, Trust me when I say, you won’t get bored. Let us rearrange and rid of the raining dark. We have been hurled together. Let us make a change. Every beautiful twirl. It could change the world. Find the treasure, do not miss the mark. […]

Distant Crowds

There is crowds, roaring with different emotions and opinions. They give off their scripts until she is deaf, they go on until there is nothing left to come clean of. They have spoken it all out in confession, chatter, and gossip until they felt those mortifications.  Then she […]

We Write

What should I write about? I want to have a million words without having to think. Every words to count, splattered out in a mixture of paint. To explore the words as worlds, to understand the imagination in ink. To display the creativity hidden in the sunset of […]

A Different Surface

We walk in our own reality, and most of forget to look up. Yet, some of us somehow forget to look down and notice the other verse. For right below our feet, is another world reflected in our vision. Just like our personalities on those we know, the […]

Children At Heart

Why are writers important? Many people wonder this when they hear that someone they know is working towards a career in writing. Why is writing important? Sure, we know that there are many writing opportunities and careers that are important but why is writing novels important? Why is […]

The Ceiling

The day passes by, blurring colors and flashing lights. It all lowers down, farther into the ground as the hours become larger numbers and then skip back to a restart. Tenebrosity has fallen over the nanoscopic marble we live in, and she will find herself in her own […]

We Could Pretend

We could play pretend. We could pretend to be small and innocent again. We could pretend to be a little girl or a little boy. When nothing mattered except for the adventure. Let us go to the beach and build a fortress in the sand. Find a tree […]

Three Writing Boosts For Month June

To start a month, inspiration is needed to keep going. To realize what your capable of. To remind you why you write those words. Why you imagine those thoughts and use ink, a type-writer, or a keyboard to create them. Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere. -Mary […]

Monsters Are Not Real

It’s only half-way through that I can’t stand the consuming, dark gloom of the room any longer. I stand, my movements clumsy from my quivering legs. With shaky steps, I make my way out of the room. The grief and misery was too overpowering, and I wanted to […]

Slave To Wealth

When the world stops. If time no longer went tick-tock – Would you be bold? Or would you be sold? To wealth would you give your soul? Become powerful but without a goal? Would you push the frozen men in a ditch? Would you use the gold to […]

He Would Wish

He would wish that he was indistinguishable like the clouds that would drift and hover about. The boy loved to fall away in a trance, letting his head float up and away, imagining visions of contrasting atmospheres. He could become unconfined to sail about and glide through the […]

Blue Eyes

Extraordinary and charismatic.   The blue falls into the category of a mind’s universe.  For they experience life in another place, one with spirits. A nebula of starry contemplation that observes the second life.   No other color, nor rare greens or not, can see the ghosts like […]

Box Of Memories

We created it together, in a room full of posters and childhood. We related this way, through a shelf full of books in which we shared that same love for characters. Shyness overtook the first steps but when we finally spoke, a conversation eventually grew. Like a story […]

Somewhere Else

Where the sun is always out but not too intense, for neither are the shadows. Where the storms are always soothing, gentle rain touching my window in a friendly hello. Where my home is a library and the library is my family. Books strewn across my floors and […]

Not From Here

I am not myself here because I am not who I pretend to be when I am there. The world is colored in a different canvas and each shade is unfamiliar to you. How I wish I could show you what it is I see for it is […]

Gift Of Creativity

Have you ever truly looked at nature? Have you ever really gotten to know the truest parts of our planet? The natural parts? The parts that God gifted us with? The parts God created and started us off with? Our planet is beautiful in so many different ways. […]

Kingdom For Writers

I wish there was a dwelling out there, meant as a home just for me. Somewhere with those like me; those that struggle to speak in a vocal manner. For the only way of communication in the residence of bliss is written. I want to go to a […]

Will You Be Inspired?

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” -Tori Morrison- I could tell you you that you are worth it, but my simple thoughts will not change your mind. I just want you to know that no matter who you are, no matter […]