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We Could Pretend

The Unsigned Writer

We Could Pretend

Poetry By, J. M. Lilin

We could play pretend.

We could pretend to be small and innocent again.

We could pretend to be a little girl or a little boy.

When nothing mattered except for the adventure.

Let us go to the beach and build a fortress in the sand.

Find a tree in our backyard and build a house that towers above the clouds.

Climb a beanstalk and kiss the stars that twinkle and shine like nothing else.

Name ourselves what we want since we do not stress on what others think.

Find a warm, closed in spot and call it our secret hide-out.

Search for treasure in the sand box and beneath the porch.

Pretend the bunk-bed is a pirate ship that is escaping from the unknown.

All that matters is enjoying our moment and laughing our hearts healthy.

We could pretend we are back in our neighborhood.

We could pretend that nothing else matters except for now.

We could pretend we are the only one’s around.

We could pretend that we will never grow up.

We don’t need to worry about those expectations or anybody else.

Because we know tomorrow is tomorrow and today is today.

We could pretend for once, that we’re only here to have fun.

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