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Something Sweet

The Unsigned Writer

Something Sweet

Poetry By, J. M. Lilin

I want to find myself where no one else can find me, on top of the world.

To hide far away on the crown in the fortress of countless leaves.

To speak and fly with the creatures that take off in the air and unfold.

To just let go and close my eyes; to let myself be taken on the breeze of harmony.

To just let go and close your eyes; to let yourself be taken on the wind of freedom.

Then at night, wait in anticipation for the sky to come forth and bring upon its stars.

So far out, I can hear the shooting stars, falling from the blanket of darkness.

I can count each one, far from honking horns, where there is no sort of bars.

If I ever felt similar to this, to be surrounded by the clouds, I’d find true bliss.

I would find myself enveloped in the scent of midnight and feel a trance of ecstasy.  

I would find it nothing close to insignificant, neither would I feel this, but instead something sweet.

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