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Sailing A Memory

The Unsigned Writer

Sailing A Memory

Poetry By, J. M. Lilin

It is when the stars come out, reflecting in the surface below.

Sparkling in the salty water that is the home of depth and creatures alike.  

When the rippling thoughts in the reflecting surface are seen quivering through the quiet stillness.

The port is quiet but there are those who need that time alone, sitting at the end and staring up into the sky.

The sky, oh so full of beauty, lively and vivid like our hopes and dreams, giving us wonder and curiosity of whether or not we could.

The tide comes in, bringing treasures of memories that give us childhood emotions.

The port is empty besides the friendly light of the moon.

The moon, as pale as my skin, is like a glossy smile that comes and goes.  

A marine scent fills the air, full of laughter and tears, both salty and fresh.

The sails of the many ships, all wrapped up and put away for the next day.

Only my sails are undone, for I am caught on a breeze that holds memories and thoughts.  

Oh, all this beauty, upon the black-diamond water of the land.

How lucky am I, to see this wonderous world?

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  1. It truly is. Imagination is one of the most amazing parts of the human brain. Being able to create and be a part of a world that is our own is truly a blessing. πŸ’™


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