Kingdom For Writers

The Unsigned Writer

Kingdom For Writers

Poetry By, J. M. Lilin

I wish there was a dwelling out there, meant as a home just for me.

Somewhere with those like me; those that struggle to speak in a vocal manner.

For the only way of communication in the residence of bliss is written.

I want to go to a place that ink and paper bring us together as one.

Where writers can work together and create a kingdom of imagination.

Kingdoms that are imagined, created, and contemplated on from plants to galaxies.

No one is in charge because our minds are linked as one through virtuosity.

I request a home of a million writers that need each other to fight the demons.

The demons that come in sentences and push us down as a million voices in doubt.

Most commonly known as writers block, although it has too many names to call it by one.

Whether or not it was despair before, it will not matter now that we have a paradise.

I desire this place that is named after my talent and the authors like myself.

No longer having to vocalize, for finding the right words is far to challenging.

Instead, we defeat dragons through written ink, and we write our poetry in verses.

Verses of despair and verses of hope, that bring up the emotion that is avoided.

Under starry nights and blazing days, we find inspiration in our kingdom for writers.

It will be magnificent and if you are like me, you cannot help but agree.

Agree to search and build, the grim test, of constructing a kingdom for writers.

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Also Check Out J. M. Lilin’s Photography At, The Crystalline Mirage.

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