Somewhere Else

The Unsigned Writer

Somewhere Else

Poetry By, J. M. Lilin

Where the sun is always out but not too intense, for neither are the shadows.

Where the storms are always soothing, gentle rain touching my window in a friendly hello.

Where my home is a library and the library is my family.

Books strewn across my floors and hidden all around.

Somewhere else that my imaginary friend and I enjoy the contentment together.

I want to be where the trees are green with a couple of pink strewn in between.

Where the green grass is forgiving and cool under our bare feet.

Somewhere else that can be comforting all on its own and not at all complicated.

For complication is the mind’s eye and I want to leave a piece of my mind behind.

With the stress gone, left in the wind, I can walk through the town and enjoy all the company.

I will find that sweet library and take a book to be my expedition partner.

The characters and I can lay somewhere else, in a dream maybe, on a hill of dandelions. 

Simply, my wish is, to find myself somewhere else.

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