Not From Here

The Unsigned Writer

Not From Here

Poetry By, J. M. Lilin

I am not myself here because I am not who I pretend to be when I am there.

The world is colored in a different canvas and each shade is unfamiliar to you.

How I wish I could show you what it is I see for it is nothing less than that of a dream.

I have heard of what you could not imagine because I have created these places.

It is my world and I am the ruler of whatever has grown in the depths of the canyon.

For I am a creator and imagination is the ability that controls my hands.

Feel my words and know the story that had come forth from it all.

For I have told you what it could be, but do you truly understand the glory of it all?

Just know, it is not something to simply put on a shelf, but something to live and remember.

Two different worlds and one of them has an adventure mistaken as something that is not from here.

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