Box Of Memories

We created it together, in a room full of posters and childhood. We related this way, through a shelf full of books in which we shared that same love for characters. Shyness overtook the first steps but when we finally spoke, a conversation eventually grew.

Like a story we didn’t know we were writing. We’ve written this series since we were young. It went through a share of favorites to a view towards the world. From playful laughter to tears over that movie we cared about too much. 

We would play pretend, we would scream and yell, we would make others wonder about us. Did they think we were crazy? For laughing so much? Did they know that we were laughing at them for laughing at us? Or did they just think we were choking?

It could have been either way. We really couldn’t argue for it was all a blur of laughter and a loss of breath. We grew up as if we were siblings, staying the night to binge on junk food and movies. We knew our bedtime, but the living room called for our friendship.

Making messes, painting posters, and reading books is nothing close to what we spoke of. A little hyper and a little crazy, our conversations grew. We were young and innocent, not knowing what the world could throw at us. Just a small blonde and brunette in a backyard of adventure.

Age came over us in a blink and soon enough, when the sun set, we would have conversations that consisted of what could hurt. We became like every other human. A soul that was deep and consisted of emotional words that were hard to say. 

What would you do without someone to speak to? Don’t you need a partner in this world? Could you really judge us for what we said? Don’t you wonder those same things? Don’t you doubt yourself and wonder if you are ever enough?

It feels like we’ve known each other forever. Relying on the other for laughter is what kept me going. If I didn’t you, how would I become the person that I call me? How could I look at you and not know you? If we didn’t know each other, would I get that thing they call déjà vu?

To seal our memories of joy, we created a box. Just an old carboard box, gone through too many days of mail. We filled it with memories, and we snipped pieces of joys to set inside. From favorite lyrics to silly jokes, the stars can’t outshine that part of my life.

How could we forget about that? How could we not remember what made us laugh for weeks? That joke that kept us giggling all night? Those words you said when you woke up from that wacky dream?

Are we just insane? Maybe. We can read each other’s mind through a smile or a shrug. I always expect the sun to help me feel alive and I don’t expect any less from you. For we’ve been friends since that day finished and the box under the bed will keep filling.

Since I’ve known you, I have some support through all these tough times. I have a place in this world to be fully accepted and to be who I’m truly meant to be. It doesn’t matter if we meet up and stare into space or build a rocket ship to explore the space. If I could build another person like my best friend, it would never be the same.

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