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A Different Surface

The Unsigned Writer

A Different Surface

Poetry By, J. M. Lilin

We walk in our own reality, and most of forget to look up.

Yet, some of us somehow forget to look down and notice the other verse.

For right below our feet, is another world reflected in our vision.

Just like our personalities on those we know, the sun and the ocean are like one.

Blinding in the sky and reflecting in the liquid salt below, it’s a formation of wonderous curiosity.

More thankful to be then we already our, at least the reflection is an inquiring one.

For when the stars come out, our decision has to be hasty on the surface of another world.

Two worlds, two of us and our decision could create a fate that was something of the past.

The different surface is our mind and the reality of land is what we see.

For if you want honesty, walk through the surface and the rippling lines will reveal truth.  

Decide on where you want to be for you have two choices and one of them is a different surface.

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