Tag: Anxiety

The Rain Was Never Haunted

It has been a while since she was not alone. She used to spend her nights in lack of melody. There were no voices to take the demons to a slow town. There will only monsters shredding loose the tone. She was too anxious to speak out loud. […]

Friend Or Foe

Peace and joy can be stunning in a heavenly way. Poems about true love and a happily ever after. How I enjoy those wonderful endings. In this world of human and art. I do not want to only see something filled with smiles. Humans have an attic in […]

I Am Smiling

The Unsigned Writer I Am Smiling Poetry By, J. M. Lilin I am smiling and I am trying. I am smiling and I am crying. I am smiling and I am dying. Why is everything blurry? When I lay down for the night. Put away my masks and […]