Without A Difference

The Unsigned Writer

Without A Difference

Poetry By, J. M. Lilin

If we all knew what we were living for, we wouldn’t need to worry.

We could wear a mask, and we could change our face every time we leave.

Is it all worth not knowing what the truth is about your own mind?

Do you want to know what it is you have been sent here to live for?

Stop faking it all out and burn those masks away so you will never have to fake it.

Know why you are here and feel the cast of your own sentiment inside contriteness.

Keep trying to do what you are meant to and do not give in to the false voices.

Have you been sincere with your close ones and figured out the difference between love and hate?

Figure out your purpose! Do not just throw yourself away to be a waste of space.

I will tell you what I can, but I only know the cause of my own worth.

With ink against paper, with splayed creativity against the world.

Know that you are not alone, and you can take a spin when you are ready.

Everything on this planet is laying on a gravity of wonderment and marvel.

Feel the wrath of depression and feel the glory of joy for both have a rarity.

Without a difference, we would not be sure which is which to define our reason.

Leaving yourself behind is not an option as you walk out that door.

For every sun that will set is only a reset for you to lift yourself to a new bridge.

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