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Obsession With Imagination

The Unsigned Writer

Obsession With Imagination

Poetry By, J. M. Lilin

Not a force to be reckoned with as minor or insignificant.

The realm of a child’s heart is where we can find the source.

Once they grow, they become something more if they prize it.

Keep it and grow it in sunlight of inspiration and motivation.

Praise it and use it in the late hours beneath the stars.

Form what we call fiction but is something far more.

Characters that are both acquaintance and leader.

Like an orb in the sky, that blinks and glows.

Glowing down on an individual who daydreams on myths.

Myths and fantasies that could become full realities in created worlds.

The ideas are countless as the blanket of curiosity and creativity over our heads.

What we could do with this obsession of imagination?

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Also Check Out J. M. Lilin’s Photography At, The Crystalline Mirage.

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