Month: March 2021

Holding Onto You

Gaze meaningfully searching for the lights that flicker. Finding it such a mesmerizing sight when the leaves curl as they burn. Looking forward to the strange color of death in autumn nature. Dancing with the shadows that are cast over in such little light. Oblivious to the friendship […]

Write Your Name

Thought you would like to know, I am not blind to what is behind the smile. I have been a soldier once before. Your chest is rattling with an earthquake. You are a globe with a storm inside. There is so much rain that you cannot breathe. I […]

Sweet Riptide

I want to belong to you. I love the magnetic pull of your gaze when we meet. We have been connected since the day we met in the forest. Countless dreams shared in our separate constellations. No ocean kept us apart as long as we could read the […]


This girl is more than a wildflower. She finds only herself when looking up. She dances in the streets when it begins to rain. Her eyes are as blue as the stormiest ocean. Her smile is as brilliant as the freshest spring days. Each night brings darkness, but […]

Flightless Fingerprints

I was waiting alone at the edge of my colorless canvas.   You were the artist I needed to meet. I could see your mark against the screen. A gorgeous array of personality left by your warmth. Your fingers are in a flight of life, leaving prints all […]

Flowers In My Shoes

There are flowers in my shoes. There are flowers in my nightmares. You don’t know what that means unless you understand. For once in a while, we are forced to visit an unrealistic realm. Bittersweet lullabies that whisper unspoken truths. Stay awake with me and I will run […]

Dynamic Dreamer

A concoction of constellation has been split in the sky. A concoction of reality has been seeped inside. Limits rising into nonexistent as the darkness and light become one. Day is night while night is day; darkness having more light than once. Twisted poems too sickly sweet to […]