Month: February 2021

Place Without Stars

Underlying forces taking a volume in descending perspectives. Make up the mind of aspect but it will not. It has shown itself in such a fall. Brought you down from the clouds to a harsh reality. Wake up and recognize that you have become nobody. You start to […]

Writing Damage

I have been writing myself down from dusk to dawn. I have revealed a million pens clear of ink. I keep writing to beautify the world and make words beam. Only each time I scribble, the drops of imagination have darkened. Like my fingers are wrapped in rings […]

Breathe Life

Come out today and notice the leaves. They are falling for you graceful thoughts. Blushing the rare colors of honest love. Come out tonight and touch the stars. Bury your nightmares in midnight ink. To find out what story you left behind. Come out and smell the crying […]

Thinking Sky

There is a mood after the moon. A dream that comes even without the stars. However far it must take for you to see. That I am falling in a deep love with you. I do not usually write my words in romance. Though it is hard to […]


Rain was my favorite and not a drizzle of heartache. And as I looked through the pelting sheets, I met your gaze. I will never forget the look on your face. The boy I thought I knew so well had transformed beneath the clouds. The scowl that usually […]

One More Day

I could get lost in the songs that I play. Romantic thoughts playing over and over. I have never stopped being hopeless when it comes to you. I could watch the way your shoulders shake when you laugh. I could watch you all day but now I am […]

Midnight Paint

It is then beneath the sky. Midnight paint brushes dancing above. Bringing life to what it is we could be. The once silent stars no longer shy. The words will thread to what was dreamed of. A force of speculation in layers of sea.   Thank you for […]

Ghosted Eyelashes

A delusion of unrealistic figments has been created. Rocking forth in a dream that will never leave the mind. Sensations of creation brewing underneath the waves. A storm of emotion over this new depth of ocean. A hazy grey varied in with the blue of his gaze. Memories […]


Electricity running through my veins in the morning. I have entered a new realm of inspiration. Lost in a land of past dreams and now I have escaped. A pattern of gorgeous questions defining who I could be. The ceiling could tell me what I said in my […]

Enigma Skies

Luminous and vivid as petals of mystery unwind. The gaze of a dreamer or the gaze of a destroyer? Creation comes with a price just the same as magic. Only it is up to me and you to decide which path will be ours. Through the woods of […]

Three Wishes; Three Words

An ocean laying out for creatures of thought to seep. Where it must be that we find depth and perspective. Auras of emotion and hope puzzled together. While imagination can drive us into daydreams that lead us. It is the creation that pulls together all the ideas. I […]