Month: January 2021

Far Beyond Our Imagination

Stretching out far beyond our imagination. There is a man with quite the endeavor. He has risen above the trees of the forest. Found a place to call home in the stars above. Stretching out far beyond our imagination. A poisonous flower has come to bloom. Petals with […]

Promise Me

With each dying wish, a new constellation is born. With each dying wish, a new place of creation will come to life. The truth is that I cannot stop thinking of you and your starry eyes. For I have gone away beneath the ground. You visit me now, […]

Midnight Adventure

It started with you throwing a rock at my window. I simply assumed it was the wind until you called my name. My heart warmed with the adventure soon to come. A coat thrown over my shoulders. My body is dropping out over the pane. I hit the […]

Wish To Exist

I know that it is quite a bit to ask for. I am asking for a space in your mind and a space in your time. I am hoping you will think of me, maybe once today and tomorrow. I know that it is quite a bit to […]

Eccentric Forest

Have you ever looked closely at an eccentric forest? Look closer and you will see flower petals that are void of words. A whole aura of mysteries that wrap around uncontrollably. A show of stranger features undiscovered in a realm. Like a carousel in a carnival of makeshift […]

A Hundred Times

Once the sun has risen a hundred times. I start to wander this melody made in clouds. Down far from wandering, and thoughtfully above all else. Once the moon has risen a hundred times. I go to places I have never seen before. Made in the constellations of […]

Once Upon A Time

It may be complicated in a sense of words. Vintage from a lifetime in vocabulary growth. Yet, I assure you, that those words mean more than a soul. That writer found a purpose as each day left a layer. Thin like needles forming sketches over his skin. He […]

Messy Souls

An ocean of thoughts far above our heads. Lazy tufts of cotton forming fiery, cozy, clouds. Spreading out like a hazy garden in the sky. Purple pink wildflowers in a strewn, murmured mess. Clumsy and obese as they stumble all about. Yet, what is it about them that […]

Intimidating Outcast

It started with an abyss of pride torn down until he felt nothing. Diving forth with the humiliation of being an outcast. Dark eyes to go with dark clothes. It comes down to the right of freedom in a soul. His gaze is sparking with the pain of […]

Who Am I?

The truth is that I have no idea what it is I am thinking about. With too many thoughts and too many minds alike. Only my conscience does not feel like the others. For I am split between a million personalities and a million ideas. I want to […]

A Memory, A Dream, And A Poem

When he walked by, I met his gaze. Books were surrounding us, and I could feel a million places calling.  Yet, as I met his eyes, I saw somewhere I had never gone before. Eyes like lively gems lost beneath the waves of an ocean. Poems tugging at […]