Month: December 2020

Here Comes The Rain

Here comes the rain. The lost compass holds the disoriented picture to dissolve.   While the tumbling droplets will descend and wash away thoughts. Here comes the rain. Shades of cloudy memory like colored pencils. Leaving behind a river of impressions in a hopeful after tone.   Here […]

Silent Spin

She grew some wings and flew away. He grew a tree and earned a friend. The apple fell to find the one and only. The vine reaches far and wide for the light. You will find that the world might spin; Just a little hastier if you give […]

Petals Like Gems

Listen to the storm that has come through weather. It has given us a circlet better than cloudy creations. For resting on the riverbed is a mystifying puzzle piece. Wrings of untamed vine to create a perfect picture. Petals like gems implanted on top a gleaming majesty. Greenery […]

Craving Seasons Of Life

Where does it all come from? When I lay down in the late hours and decide to wake back up. Where does it all come from? This is the hardest poem to write of all. For there is too much out there that is rough as broken shards […]

Abyss Of Creation

Darkness is the first vision of what is to come. Seeping out and about, like broken electricity in the sky. Harsh marks of powerful forces that could take different oceans in hand. Tides that rise and take dreams back into the falling laps. For it has foreseen a […]

Falling Star

His mind was fragile yet as beautiful as a world. The stars and moon may have been bright, but his eyes were like gems. She would tell her secrets to the stars and when he smiled with his nebula eyes; It was as if he knew every spoken […]