Month: November 2020

Six Feet Apart

Stay six feet apart is what they say. Yet, when I look up, I still feel your gaze touch mine. When I sing to the sky, the rain will caress me. In daydreams, clouds are my own to hold. When I look up, the thought in your mind […]

Pondering Keys

Silent dusk would be done if it were not for the melody. The song from the keys pressing down with each note. Notes from inspiration that motivated new worlds. Character that form with each click. Pounding down on the keys to sing you this poem. Hello, dear writer, […]

Cultivate Creativity

Authentic and real. The reader will crave something that is not direct but poetic. Written in sentences that reflect different perspectives. A mad world and a mad mind. We want something that can describe the notes of a piano above our heads in the sunlight. Although, possibly not […]

Melody Of Creation

Do you hear the melody of creation? The sound that comes from those singing to the sky? I hear a star, not falling, but rising to the sky; Becoming a once upon a time; something more than a wish. Do you hear the melody of creation?   The […]


Different sides attack me. Starting from the top. The voices leave a trace. A linger of pain that spreads. I am angry and defensive. Being a creator left behind. Fighting my own inner war. A chess game inside my head. Feeling sick with every thought. Cannot move despite […]

Raw And Unspoken

Take this sheet, take this screen. Whether it be song or word. Do not judge me for it. Just take the time to understand it. That beaten character holds my hurt. That silent character knows my mind. The hopeless character is my romantic. I am giving myself to […]

Double Sided

I am two. Not bipolar. Just more than one. Not a single. Not a couple. I am simply two. More than one. Always in thought; Yet, still listening. Halfway asleep. Multiplied and divided. My personalities are endless. Quite double sided. I am a bit more than just one. […]