Month: August 2020

Mystery Blogger Award

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The Raft

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Seasonal Stars

Laying down beneath the stars, in the middle of the spring. Creatures of mystery beckoning him forth. Adventuring the woods and finding himself beneath an ocean. This boy was not the usual; this boy was a dreamer. Laying down beneath the stars, in the middle of the summer. […]

City Of Love

I love the orbs in the sky above my head. As I stand in the city of love. Spells dazzle each passerby, even those upon the bench. A spectacle of pure electricity causing a rainstorm of nebula dust. This city is unbearable in a sense that I would […]

Creature Of Freedom

Sometimes I look up at the twirling blades. The blades of the wind creator on the ceiling. I will turn it off and watch as the speed goes down to a slow dance. Moving in a perfect rhythm, like the melodic beat of a heart. I will be […]

Nominated Offshore Reader Award

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Rain Puddles

I love the rain, he had said. They thought he was peculiar, but they had underestimated his imagination. He could get lost in dancing beneath the despairing clouds. Creating those dreary days into the most beautiful time of the world. Oh, the color blue – it is traveling […]

Sleeping Still

To lay still, as a poetic soul caught up in an ocean of reflection and contemplation.   To hold still and listen to the story twirling in a melody spin at the edge of the cliff. There is a forest, yes, a forest fire building and caressing the […]

Always And Forever

She seemed to always remember. Always remember the way the sun reflected in his eyes. Flecks of gold dazzling through and through. Golden perfection that matched his dark, wild hair. Gorgeous and magnetizing, she thought to herself. “What?” he asks, noticing her gaze. “Nothing,” she shakes her head, […]