Month: July 2020

Miss Midnight

Oh, Miss Midnight. The splendid marvels in the sky are such a rarity to me. An exhibition of heavenly curiosity. Imagination set up in the grace of allurement. Stunning display of wonder. A sensation of passion spreading through the gleam of your eyes. I write best late at […]


I have so much to write, so much to say. A million words drift around in the starry orbs. Falling like wishes to catch just for me and the writer inside. I am overwhelmed, for I have so much to give away. Too many parts of my soul […]

Song For The Summer

I wanted to write you a poem, something precious and sweet. I wanted to give you my soul, through creativity and wonder Simply words can say it all. So, I gave you these words, through paper and ink. I wrote these words with my heart and soul. Just […]

Island Of Daydreamers

There is a blue color, my favored kind, full of a depth that seems impossible. Impossibly blue? Impossibly there. Shards and shades of the color paint out in a canvas of mixed color. Rising and falling, twisting and turning, like a dance of a drowning mass. A mass […]

The Stigma (Chapter 1)

“Keegan Jones! Belongs to the Stigma!” The announcer yells this out as if there should be applause to follow. As if the crowd should be proud. His rough, withered hand grabs my wrist and lifts it into the air. As if I should be proud. I wasn’t proud […]

Lost Dreamer

He is a dreamer in an unusual state of mind that is not unusual but truly spectacular. If you visit his place, his wonderous home of creatures, you would never want to leave. He is just a dreamer living on a planet that does not suit his true […]

Carousel Of Chaos

Like a circus that holds a claustrophobic spin of questions closed up for a day that never comes. Clowns that dance and mock their emotions with a flower of doubts, petals dropping to the floor. Trapeze of swooning emotions that rise to an unbelievable applause and take an […]

Forgetting The Impossible

Once I was five and I grew up on adventures in the backyard, believing in the impossible. Another time, long ago, I was ten, and I had friends at the playground who dared me to what seemed complex. If only I knew what fifteen meant to me, when […]

Midnight Melody

Stranger brushstrokes brought over the colors of darkness; a stroke of hypotonic charm. A landscape contrasting to what you are used to, for this landscape is up above in a texture of constellations. Enchanting and enhancing; wishes of poetry beneath the throne of the moon which beholds pockets […]

Nebula Eyes

Penetrating with the color that only you could prefer. Charismatic in a compelling way of charm. Full of a glowing observance that never looks away. Captivating like the ocean, but it is not the waves that you see. It is a galaxy, with a sparkle that only the […]

3 a.m. Thoughts

What would it be like if I wasn’t a writer? To not wake up in the early hours. When the stars are still out, and the moon is taking its turn to explore. Where I cannot fall back into the darkness of sleep because I have too many […]

Nightmare Guardian

A memory in the jar of your complex disposition. Do you ever look past those eyes of color and personality? Do you ever look past to see what truth is hidden inside the moment of their stillness? You instantly expect a reliable rejoicement of joyous medicine that could […]

Attic Of The Mind

Vivid and dazzling switching between dappled shelter are the little flickering lights. Tangled mazes of webs built by the spiders of thoughtful contemplations and reflections. Corners full of theories and notions that twirl and twist themselves into concepts. Brainwaves of inspirations confuse the cloud of obscuring shaded words. […]

Welcome To The Insane

Welcome to the insane, Trust me when I say, you won’t get bored. Let us rearrange and rid of the raining dark. We have been hurled together. Let us make a change. Every beautiful twirl. It could change the world. Find the treasure, do not miss the mark. […]

Nothing You Were Thinking

My mind is like nothing you were thinking. My mind is like the ocean’s deepest waves. The thoughts don’t discontinue or pause from breaking the shore full of intention and curiosity. My mind is like the clouds that appear and construct in the sky above your head. The […]

Distant Crowds

There is crowds, roaring with different emotions and opinions. They give off their scripts until she is deaf, they go on until there is nothing left to come clean of. They have spoken it all out in confession, chatter, and gossip until they felt those mortifications.  Then she […]

Ink Wave

It is so empty in this room that even the noise has abandoned the space. There is nothing alive inside except for myself and the shadow that I cast. It is just a cube with one door and the door has been sealed by the silent. No sunlight […]

Obsession With Imagination

Not a force to be reckoned with as minor or insignificant. The realm of a child’s heart is where we can find the source. Once they grow, they become something more if they prize it. Keep it and grow it in sunlight of inspiration and motivation. Praise it […]

Nominated Sunshine Blogger Award

Dear Readers, I am excited and grateful to say that I have been nominated with the Sunshine Blogger Award. This award is nominated upon someone for being creative, inspirational, and talented. I’ve been writing for so long and only recently decided to start sharing my work, so I […]