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When I write, I write to share stories. I write to see places and I post it so that I can share it with others. I want others to relate to those characters that I call my friends and enemies. I want others to feel that excitement or that anxiety that I feel as I wonder what it would be like to experience that and then I make it a reality.

Words are special. Every word has its own sentence in it. Its own story. Something as simple as “hello” could say a million things, depending on who the person is saying it, what they are feeling, where they are. You never know unless you truly contemplate the reality of a human’s mind complications. 

Their thoughts can be so deep and twisted, sometimes so dark its hard to grasp onto it. Others have thoughts that could change the world or create something worth living or reading. It doesn’t matter what your writing. It will be important as long as you use what you know, use creativity, and throw a dash of imagination over it all.

At the time, I am pushing my creativity to a new level of excitement with my writing partner. Both of us are writing a novella, of whatever we like, as long as it’s fiction, of course. I’m drawn to her words as she is to mine. I get excited to see what she will come up with along with what I will come up with.

What’s most fun about this activity is I haven’t planned a single part of what I’m writing. I’m just writing. Just writing, and writing, and writing every single day and seeing what my mind imagines and builds. My writing partner tells me that it’s one of those fiction stories that just draws you in, as if you truly are there and a part of the story.

I love to hear that and to be honest, I’m really proud of what I’ve finished. We didn’t start too long ago, not even the beginning of this month and I’ve completed ten or eleven chapters now. Again, I didn’t plan any of it and I absolutely love it. I’m drawn to my own characters and I feel like I truly know them in reality.

I’ve been writing another novel for a few years now, one that I planned and thought over carefully. I love the characters and the story, and I enjoy entering that world so much. Yet, the novella I’m writing now, has just been written so quickly that it’s amazing. It’s so well put together that it mind-boggled me since I didn’t plan this one.

So, I started to wonder, what did I do different? Why is this novella written so smoothly but my novel isn’t? How come my writing partner was more drawn to the characters in this story than my planned novel? Why is that I haven’t faced any writer’s block and the thoughts come so quickly? It’s so intriguing and well written!

Then I realized it. This story wasn’t planned and that’s the exact secret. That’s all there is to it. Seriously! When I’m putting words down, I’ll try to plan it. I’ll think about what should happen and why it should happen and if it will make any sense to the reader. This time…I did not.

I just wrote. With only my closest friend to judge what I had written; I just wrote freely. Whatever I wanted to happen, whatever kind of character I wanted, I wrote. I made the characters how I wanted them and put a story that interested me. I didn’t worry about what would happen next but instead, just let it happen.

Just like that, I had a story that was fascinating and exciting and full of cliffhangers and interesting characters and a plot that was simply intriguing.

I think that’s the secret to the inner writer in all of us. Instead of worrying so much about what others think. Instead of wondering if the readers will enjoy what you have to say, just write. No one thinks like I do, and no one has a mind just like mine, so what I have to say, couldn’t be the worst, or I wouldn’t have readers, right?

You don’t have to have a million followers. If you just have one, this means your writing was interesting to at least someone and that has to mean someone else out there will enjoy it. They will share it with their friends, who have common interests who will then share it with their friends and family. Are you seeing the pattern?

I write more on my private blog then I do on this blog and it’s because I’m not worried or stressed about judgement. I just write because it’s interesting and exciting for me and when it’s finished, I usually love it. And if I don’t love it or even like it, that’s fine. At least I tried and now I have a draft to go off of or use inspiration from.

We all have a right to write. We need to stop worrying about judgement and just write what we think of. Write what we know and write what we can. Just write and write and write and don’t stop to think about what we write. Just write and I know you will create something truly fascinating. Just write!

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