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Silent Breathtakers (Novella – Part 1)

The Unsigned Writer

Silent Breathtakers: Part 1

Dystopian Romance Fiction Novel By, J. M. Lilin

The pavement was drenched with the burden of a past downpour from a vigorous thunderstorm. The darkness that was developing over the slippery streets was overcast with shadows of a moonless night. I had to wait in the library for the cloudburst to pass by and by then, the sun had abandoned me and retreated to its own sanctuary. I was left to walk alone in the dreary, ill-lit world.

It was then, as I listened to the leaves mimic the sound of footsteps, that I hear the voices. I thought it was my imagination at first, just like the moment I thought I was about to get jumped and realized a second too late that it was only shadows. As I kept walking though, I got closer and through the eerie sounds of the night, I heard the voices again.

I knew it wasn’t wise to spy on those who hid in dark alleyways. I knew it was reckless and a little irresponsible, but I crept closer anyway. My heart pounds as the leaves rustle behind me again. When I turn around, frightened, I only find an empty paved walkway with the streetlamps flickering overhead.

I inhale a breath of oxygen, holding in my lungs as I strain to hear the voices. I was curious and on the verge of hoping I hadn’t imagined them. As I step closer to an alleyway that had no company of a lamp, I hear the voices again. This time for sure. They were real.

I stop at the edge of the building, my curiosity preventing me from taking any more steps forward. It stops me from revealing myself and instead, turns me into an eavesdropping spy. I press my back against the brick wall, straining to hear what was being said.

“Where is he?” a girl hisses.

“I don’t know where they took him! How would I know?” a deeper voice replies, a boy’s voice. Almost before he finishes his sentence, a yelp of what sounded like pain came from him.

“Enough of your ridiculous games. You’re wasting my time,” comes the girl’s fierce reply.

“I told you woman! I don’t know where he is,” the boy shouts. There was hesitation creeping into his voice.

“It was the Silencers, wasn’t it?” the girl suddenly blurts.  

The boy doesn’t answer.

“Why didn’t you just tell me? I hate it when you lie.”

“Sorry,” the deep voice mutters.

I gradually inch my head towards the edge of the wall, aching to discover who stood in the shadowy alley. Straightaway, I’m taken off guard. It was a girl and a boy, both young adults, having to be somewhere between the ages eighteen to twenty.

The girl had fiery red hair that seemed to burn through the night. Her back was turned to me and she had her arm pinned across the throat of the boy in front of her. I couldn’t see the boy’s features since he was against the wall. His face was consumed in darkness and he towered over the girl. My mind was boggled by this, for I knew for sure that he could easily knock the girl down.

None of this was what was so startling. Not the fact that it was almost midnight. Nor that the girl’s demanding demeanor seemed ready for murder. Not even the fact that I was seeing this at all. What set my heart at an anxious rate was the long, polished blade strapped to the girl’s back. Then, as the girl shifted her grip on the boy, I glimpsed the multiple, minor blades sheathed on the lopsided belt around her waist.

Just as I notice them, the girl’s pale, slender fingers reach for one and I gasp, afraid she was about to kill the boy that she seemed to have completely under control. I start to back up, but I don’t pay attention to my steps and I slip. I fall to the ground, scraping my knees and the palms of my hands.

The girl flips around, her wide, wrathful eyes aimed right at me. The boy didn’t look as outraged but alarmed apprehension made him go tense as his eyes gleamed at her through the night.

“Is she with you?” the boy asks reproachfully.

“Does she really look like she’s with me?” the girl snaps.

Her voice clearly gave off what she thought of me and I blush at the judgement. Then she starts to march towards me, and I scramble to my feet. I take one step forward, planning on running but absolutely not ready because I slip again, to the bone-breaking concrete. The girl is over me in a second, lifting me to my feet.

“Where did you come from?” the girl hisses, her steely grip assaulting my skin with bruises.

She has fiery red hair held up high above her head. Not a single strand is loose, proving she has no time to worry about hair getting in the way of her piercing green eyes. A scar skated down her face and her perfect, pearly white teeth gleamed through her scowl.

Besides her pale skin and pale lips, the only color she was wearing was black. Black makeup. Black pants with knee-high, high-heeled, black boots. Black, fingerless gloves and even in this weather, she had on a sleeveless, black t-shirt. Her belt was black as-well and the blades gleamed their malice at me.

The boy joins her side, his eyes raking me up and down. He has dark, black hair with sapphire blue strips gleaming their way through and bringing out his impossibly bright, cerulean blue eyes. Like the girl, he had a scowling scar on his cheek along with additional, smaller scars.

He was wearing black as well. Black boots, just not knee-high like the girl, fingerless black gloves, and a black leather jacket over a smoky, grey shirt. With his sharp jawbone, tan skin, and lean, muscular body, he was stunningly handsome. As his bright ocean eyes meet my dark blue ones, I instantly have to look away.

“Uh…hello?! Anyone in there?” the girl shouts, agitated, “I asked what your name was. Or shall I just call you Stupid?”

“It-it’s Kira….Kira Stone,” I blurt, my cheeks burning as my gaze returns to the girl who had hair that represented her personality. It was a few seconds too late for me to realize that giving my full name was the most ridiculous thing I could have done.

The girl scoffs. “Phoenix,” and at my puzzled expression, she adds, “My name is Phoenix. Keep up, Stupid. Now, what are you doing here? You do realize that it’s the middle of the night, correct? And you’re still sneaking around in places you shouldn’t be?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” I say, attempting at a bold voice but failing miserably.

The boy can’t help but chuckle and Phoenix pulls her hand away from me, her face showing her considerable disgust towards me.

“I should call the cops,” I say, taking a step back.

“I dare you to try,” Phoenix growls, her hand habitually sliding towards her waist where deadly weapons patiently waited.

“Attacking people in alleyways isn’t…. isn’t normal,” I stumble on my words, as I take another step back.

“He’s my brother,” she shrugs. She says it as if what I was saying made no sense and attacking people in alleyways was completely average and even, boring, as if she did it all the time. I realize she might, and I take another, discreet step back.

“Why all the weapons?” I ask, my voice almost hoarse as I take a fourth step away from their forbidding presence.

Phoenix glares at me for a moment. She looked at me as if I had been the one suspiciously hiding in a dark alley-way, and suddenly, I recognize her.

“Lina! Lina Miles! I know you! We went to school together. You used to- “I start but she’s raised a blade to my throat just as quick as the dark red blush had colored her pale cheeks.

“If you say another word. I swear I will cut every single part of your fragile, little-self until- “

Phoenix’s words are muffled as her brother clasps a hand over her mouth. The blade drops away from my skin and she turns her gaze to him, her eyes saying every curse she wanted to throw at him. She slaps his hand off instead.

“Do that again and you won’t have hands,” she says.

“If you kill her or even harm her, you will be in much worst trouble,” he replies.

I wasn’t sure if it was his deep voice, or how smooth and sharp his words were, or if it was because of his intense gaze. Whatever it was, dread flashed in her expression and Phoenix obeys his warning. When she turns to look back at me again, to apologize or to let me go, I’m not sure because I was long-gone.

“Oh…wonderful! Now she’s running,” Phoenix says and that’s the last I hear before I bolt around the corner in a panicky rush, sprinting down the street.

I run as if my life depends on it and looking at the big picture, I realize it might actually. I didn’t know who those people were and what their limit was. I had no idea what they were capable of. I knew my apartment wasn’t many blocks away and I tell myself this, over and over as I don’t turn back.

Five blocks and I almost slip but catch myself on a pole and take another turn. Four blocks and I start to lose my breath. Three more blocks and I can feel the stitch building in my side. Two more block to go and I’m unwillingly slowing down. One more block to go and I’m forced to stop as a figure abruptly steps out of the darkness and stands in my path.

It was the boy from earlier. The boy I had thought and hoped was far behind me. Yet, he now stood in front of me, an unbreakable smirk growing on his face.

“You honestly thought you could outrun me?” he says.

I wanted to scream in frustration and maybe try and push him out of the way, but I knew better. I didn’t know what he was capable of and by his confident, cocky demeanor, he was in no shape to be afraid of me. Instead, I take one last desperate chance and sprint past him. Of course, the boy has reflexes like a jaguar and his hand snatches out and grabs me.

“Let go of me!” I shout fiercely, struggling to get out of his grip.

“Um, no?” the boy says, sarcastically.

Finally, I give up trying to squirm out of his steely grip. I meet his intense gaze, “Who are you?”

“As in….my name?” he says with a devious, fetching grin.

“Fine,” I reply.

“Zeus,” he says plainly.

I don’t get a chance to reply. Instead, my focus turns to the sound of heels clicking on the ground behind me. I try to turn around, but Zeus won’t allow me. His smirk was unmistakably proud for catching me before his sister did. He looks past my head to who was approaching me. I hear Phoenix stop behind me and sigh.

Then everything goes black.

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