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Silent Breathtakers (Novella – Part 2)

The Unsigned Writer

Silent Breathtakers: Part 2

Dystopian Romance Fiction Novel By, J. M. Lilin

I awake with a gasp and sit up in bed, the world slightly spinning. Bed….my bed…in my bedroom. There was no way I could have dreamed all of that, could I? Was my mind really that creative? No. I jump out of bed and rush to the bedroom window. Nothing. Everything looked like every other day. The sun coming up over the neighborhood buildings, rising over my apartment.

I sigh in frustration. Just another day. That was what it was. Another day with the remains of a dream. I walk downstairs, waiting to hear the racket that meant my mother was making her coffee. Instead, I stop dead in my tracks as I hear someone cry out and then be muffled.

I slowly inch down the steps and peek around the corner into the kitchen. Two familiar beings in clothing that darkened even the room, stood over my parents. My father had blood seeping from his chest and my mother had been gagged and tied up. They were both dead.

I wake up, panting for breath. Black spots cloud my vision until slowly, the ringing in my ears goes away and my senses are back. I look down and a cloth falls into my lap, damp and cool. I tenderly touch my head as I look across the bedroom and find Zeus.

His blue eyes glow beneath the dark hair that had fallen in front of his eyes. He was leaning against the wall, in the corner, staring at me with a glaring intensity. His hands were frozen in the process of sharpening a deadly looking blade that shone like his gaze.

I jump off the other side of the bed, as far away from him as possible. “Where am I?” I ask, my voice hoarse.

“You screamed,” Zeus says absently, avoiding my question.

“Oh? Oh, I’m so sorry but it might have helped if you weren’t a creep in the corner,” I snap, “Normal people don’t watch strangers sleep.”

Zeus gives a mild expression, “Tired, are we?”

I ignore his comment, instead, repeating my question, “Where am I?”

“You’re in an asylum.”


“Just kidding,” Zeus says his expression blank.

“Then where…are…we…Zeus?” I say slowly, trying to sound threatening. I scan the room but there are no hints of where I could be. It was a plain room, of nothing but the plain, grey covered bed, a dresser, and Zeus.

“I told you, we’re in an asylum,” Zeus says.

“You said you were joking.”

“I did?” Zeus asks, pretending to be surprised.

Yes. You said you were, ‘just kidding,’” I repeat his words, watching him closely.

“Oh, I didn’t know I said that,” Zeus says, a glint in his blue eyes.

I take a step back, suddenly unsure. This boy wasn’t normal. He might hurt me. The blade in his hand sparkled with every twitch he made and it worried me. His weapon was sharp, his gaze was sharp, and his words were confusing.

“There is no one else in the room,” I say.

“There isn’t?” Zeus asks, his right eyebrow raised as he met my eyes.

I stare back at him, puzzled. Then a put on a look of stubborn frustration and say, “I’m leaving. We’re done here.” Yet, as I stand and begin to walk out the door, he’s standing there in front of me.

“Kira. You can’t leave. The Silencers know who you are now. They sensed you here. You’re like me now and if you must leave, I must kill you. They know who both of us are.”

“I don’t even know who you are,” I say, stepping back as he drops the blade to his side and stands his full, height. All I can do to keep myself from running, is focus on keeping the tremor out of my voice.

“Yes, you do. Wake up, Kira. You don’t have much time,” Zeus says. Then I wake up. This time, for real and this time, back in my own apartment. No parents, no Zeus. Just me and a million different journals surrounding me in my library of a room. Each notebook was filled with my mind-boggling dreams and each piece of paper was full of my curious words.  

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