Month: May 2020

Monsters Are Not Real

It’s only half-way through that I can’t stand the consuming, dark gloom of the room any longer. I stand, my movements clumsy from my quivering legs. With shaky steps, I make my way out of the room. The grief and misery was too overpowering, and I wanted to […]

Slave To Wealth

When the world stops. If time no longer went tick-tock – Would you be bold? Or would you be sold? To wealth would you give your soul? Become powerful but without a goal? Would you push the frozen men in a ditch? Would you use the gold to […]

He Would Wish

He would wish that he was indistinguishable like the clouds that would drift and hover about. The boy loved to fall away in a trance, letting his head float up and away, imagining visions of contrasting atmospheres. He could become unconfined to sail about and glide through the […]

Blue Eyes

Extraordinary and charismatic.   The blue falls into the category of a mind’s universe.  For they experience life in another place, one with spirits. A nebula of starry contemplation that observes the second life.   No other color, nor rare greens or not, can see the ghosts like […]