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Dead Man Jettison (Novella – Part 4)

The Unsigned Writer

Dead Man Jettison: Part 4

Action Fiction Novel By, J. M. Lilin

Everything around Gale seemed to be going in slow motion as he raises a hand and a huge wave splashes onto deck, washing the crew away from his father, the area around his father completely dry except for the blood starting to drip.

Gale feels like his breath had been knocked away as he rushes up the ladders to where his father was. Just as Gale reaches the top, Caspian’s legs buckle and he falls to the ground, taking quick, raggedy breaths.

“Gale…Gale,” he repeated over and over in a whisper.

Gale’s eyes were quickly tearing up and he felt a lump in his throat as his chest tightened, but he knew more than anything at the moment, he had to stay strong for his Captain.

He falls to his knees at his father’s side, and watches as his father fumbles with the chain around his neck and then rips it off. He then looks Gale in the eyes and whispers “I love you, Son, you meant more to me than anything.”

Gale starts to tremble at hearing these words. His father had never said those words, ever, and it shocked Gale but he still manages to reply “I love you too, Dad.”

The Burning Waves Crew was shouting again and starting to come towards him, so Gale simply snapped his fingers and water quickly made a globe around them, blocking out all the noise.

His father’s eyes reflected the blue of the water around them and he smiles at the globe Gale created, then returned his gaze to Gale as he reached over and gently took hold of Gale’s trembling hand.

He slowly put the medallion of the sea-monster in his hand and in a hoarse voice, says, “Your mother always knew you would make a good pirate,” smiling as he closed Gale’s hand around the medallion.

Gale realized tears had started to roll down his face. He couldn’t force himself to hold them back as his father’s head drops and then with one last glance at Gale, his eyes turn to the water around them.

Captain Caspian slowly exhales, for the last time.

Gale stifles back a sob as he reaches over, gently shutting his father’s eyes. Then holding back his tears, anger grabs Gale’s heart, and he stands, letting the water falls to the deck with a splash. The crew looks up at him and as they see the rage in his eyes, they take a hesitant step back.

Blinky was the only man still angry enough to be blind to what was obviously coming for him. He yells a pirate’s battle cry, and rushes towards him with his sword drawn. Gale flicks his hand and water takes Blinky overboard with a scream. Blinky in only a second, becoming jettison, just like, Gale realizes, his father who as Gale turns around, sees no longer. Dead man jettison.

Gale screams in frustrated grief and he raises his hands, using the waves to make countless overthrown dead man jettison. The ship had finally outswum the storm and now the only deadly waves left, were his own. His blind rage encourages him to keep going and he creates wave after wave, knocking over screaming and praying men but Gale had no mercy left and he made no attempt to listen or even hear their pleading cries. 

Then before he knew it, the screaming had stopped and as he looks around him, Gale realizes he had killed the whole crew. Gale knew he would probably feel remorse later, but right now all he felt was rage.

He almost couldn’t believe his father was dead. He crumbles to his knees on the deck and leans his head against a salty-tasting, wooden post, the same taste as his tears.

He had nothing left in the world except the dead man jettison that he was leaving behind forever.

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