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Dead Man Jettison (Novella – Part 3)

The Unsigned Writer

Dead Man Jettison: Part 3

Action Fiction Novel By, J. M. Lilin

“What do you think you’re doing Blinky?”

Blinky? Gale thought to himself, why would he want to do this? Blinky was an old pirate with a horrible limp and a gruesome eye-twitch, giving him the name, he had. He had always been quiet and held-back and nobody knew if he was shy or just hated people. Now they had their answer, as Blinky growled an answer to Captain Caspian.

“Aye want this ship, I’ve been under your command for too long and we’re tired of it, aren’t we mates?” he yells out, and the crew slowly nods, pondering on his question.

What was happening? Gale screams to himself in his mind, this was their crew, they were under their command, they should be afraid of what he and his father could do to them! Why was this happening?

Gale saw his father blanch and shout something back, but Gale wasn’t focusing on him anymore. He had noticed the dark globe around them beginning to waver, giving him a risky idea. He clears his throat, catching his father’s attention since his father knew, Gale thought clearing your throat was annoying.

Gale looks his father in the eyes and then raises his gaze to the globe above them. Caspian follows his gaze, and then smirks. He slightly nods so little, Gale wouldn’t have noticed unless he was paying attention. Then with that, Caspian, in one quick motion, pulls a blade from the depths of his coat and stabbed it into Blinky’s hand.

Blinky screams and Gale kicks his foot behind him, getting a perfect aim at Blinky’s shins and then he rolls to the side, raises his hands and with a loud rush, the waves drop onto them. Everyone is soaked and sputtering but Blinky only seemed angrier, and he yells, charging Gale.

Gale struggles to rip his sword out, but it was stuck in the leather, cutting through it so he has no choice, but to duck to the side as Blinky whips his own blade out, and whips for Gale’s head. Gale quickly turns to the side, circles Blinky, going behind him and kicks his foot out, linking it around Blinky’s foot. Blinky yelps as he falls to the hard wood.

The ship, now rocking back and forth again, had waves going over the wood again and just like that, Blinky was threw away from Gale and slammed into a wooden post but the rest of the crew had agreed with him and were now fighting Caspian.

Caspian was completely surrounded and as the crew rocked with the Burning Waves, it happened to quickly for Gale’s mind to comprehend. A younger, lanky pirate had a pistol out and aimed at his father’s chest, and as the ship went over an especially rough wave the young pirate accidently presses the trigger to hard.

Caspian’s mouth falls open and he looks down at his chest as the blood from his face quickly drained. He stumbles as he looks back up at the young, lank pirate who looked shocked. He was sputtering his eyes wild, but the other pirates were yelling in victory and patting him in congrats.

They didn’t even care that Gale’s father was dying in front of their eyes, their Captain.

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