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Dead Man Jettison (Novella – Part 2)

The Unsigned Writer

Dead Man Jettison: Part 2

Fiction Novel By, J. M. Lilin

Gale Caspian had the impossible ability to control the waves, the water, and the ocean. He was a born sailor, and now the king of the ocean. So, as a team, the Cruel Captain Caspian and Gale, the King of the Ocean, conquered the sea, therefore, being the rulers of seventy one percent of the world…and they loved it.

Now, as Gale holds onto the ropes with bone white fingers, his legs don’t even waver. He was used to the storms. He knew the storms, he knew the ocean, and the ocean knew him. With these thoughts in mind, Gale slowly but steadily makes his way across the deck, extra careful to keep his balance and not tumble over with the waves. He didn’t want to become jettison. Gale could see from the corner of his eye, his father, grinning at him since he knew exactly what kind of plan was forming in Gale’s water-proof mind.

Gale darts forward, grabbing hold of the deck railing and then as lightning strikes only a couple feet from them, Gale closes his eyes with his eye-brows arched in concentration. Then with a deep breath, his bright, green eyes snap back open to focus on the dark waves and he raises his hands. The foaming blackness follows suit and rises above the deck and then over the sails, dark and wild but still smooth.

The Burning Wave’s crew gasped in unison, as this had only happened a few times but would, obviously, never got old. In only a matter of seconds, the entire ship was submerged in a giant globe of dark, wild saltwater. The Burning Waves still wobbled but was certainly steering straight again. Gale grins at his father, Captain Caspian, who cheered him on.

Caspian leaves the helm to Johnny, an old pirate who was a mute, and marches down the steps proudly. Gale’s father, the Captain had two gold teeth glittering in the dimness of the moonlight shining through the dark waves enveloping them, along with the many gold rings that were on his scarred hands.

He had a gold medallion around his neck that Gale’s mother had given him which had perfect waves carved into it with a sea-monster’s giant, tentacle coming out of its wildness. His father had a knee length black coat over all his dark clothing, with many pistols, knifes, and machetes hidden throughout it. He had a gleaming, stainless steel sword at his side which Gale had stolen for his father’s last birthday, and his hand full of golden rings rested on its gold and silver handle.

His father had blonde hair and dark eyes that people feared to make contact with, while Gale was the complete opposite. Gale had dark brown hair, and ocean-blue eyes, the same color as his mother’s.

Though, like his father, Gale did wear all black clothes, including black boots, and a black, leather sword holder at his side, the blade gleaming and ready for a bloody, fight. Switched around, Gale had gotten his sword from his father, and it had the ship’s name and his own name carved into the handle, The Burning Waves of Gale Caspian.

Gale was tall, a bit taller than his father, actually, and his hair was always a dark mess while his father always kept his Captain’s hat on. Gale was the only one that knew his father was starting to lose his blonde hair, greyness and baldness starting to claim him.

His father wobbled a little as his long, black boots clonked against the splintered deck. As he reaches Gale, he throws a hand onto his shoulder and cries out loudly for all to hear, “That’s my boy! King of the Ocean!”

The rest of the crew cheers loudly again. The waves surrounding them slightly vibrate with their racket and Gale flinches, putting all his focus back into it. And that’s when it happened. His father’s face bloomed red in hot anger as Gale felt a sudden heat around his arm and chest and a sharp sting at his neck. Someone had grabbed him and was now threatening him with a blade.

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  1. Thank you so much. I appreciate your reflective interpretation for my writing and the validation of someone recognizing. There’s nothing better then a word that can sweep you off your feet.


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