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Dead Man Jettison (Novella – Part 1)

The Unsigned Writer

Dead Man Jettison: Part 1

Fiction Novel By, J. M. Lilin

The exorbitant, baneful waves crash over the already, slippery deck, as another horrible and cruel storm went through the process of going over the dark sea and frightening the crew aboard it. The ship rose and fell and rocked and creaked as the violent waves slammed into its sides.

The icy wind bites into Gale’s skin, and he wonders just how cold it had to be for him to gain frostbite. Another wave goes over the deck causing barrels and other supply buckets to roll across the deck, some of them taking a fall off the side. Gale held tight to his lifeline, his fists turning white with the effort and strength he was putting into keeping himself from drowning. He did not want to fall of his father’s famous ship, The Burning Waves. It happened twice this month and he hoped it would, never again.

He was a born sailor, literally. His mother had died, giving birth to him in the chilly, dim, compartment of the ship. His father had mourned but only for a short time before he decided he needed to keep his focus on the ship and his new son, Gale. His mother had named him this right before her last breath because she made his father, Caspian, promise to sail to the earth’s ledge with him.

As soon as Gale could walk and before he could even talk, he learned how to tie ropes and help his father steer The Burning Waves. If he behaved, he would get a bonus from his father which was stopping at an island and cooking fish over a fire while they ran around catching crabs and swimming in the salty water.

As Gale reached age twelve, everything changed. His father had shipwrecked, and they were stuck on an island. They met pirates and joined their crew. The Captain of the ship grew close to Caspian, and then when the Captain died, he left the responsibility of being the Captain to Caspian, and that’s how Caspian became Captain of The Burning Waves.

Gale’s father, now Captain Caspian, became a cold and independent man, and started sailing all over the world. He barely remembered he had a son as he rapidly became drunk and robbed and destroyed other ships. Captain Caspian burned anything in sight that wasn’t his ship, keeping The Burning Waves a title of glory. He had no mercy for others. None.

Other pirate crews started to fear him and would steer clear from him, no matter how far off course they had to go. They all believed Captain Caspian killed the old Captain of The Burning Waves. Gale’s father couldn’t convince them otherwise so after so long, he claimed the rumor as true.

Gale by then, though he was only twelve, was also a ruthless pirate, taking after his father, the only person he thought he could trust in the world full of fire and riches. Other pirates didn’t exactly fear him, but they knew not to mess with him, his father being a well-known Captain.

After another year, Gale’s father was being hunted down for murder, thievery, and destroying property and from there, time went by fast, revealing day after day of sailing far away from the law.

Now, today at age seven-teen, Gale was almost just as feared as his father. They were both the most feared pirate of all times. It was because there was something about him that had started out as a rumor and then became a legend.

There was something unique about Gale, something peculiar. It wasn’t that he was one of the youngest men to be a professional at sailing and fishing, and it wasn’t that he could sail across the world with his eyes closed. It wasn’t that he could tie a rope so tight that it could never be undone again either, or even that he was strong and quick enough to pull large fish out of the water.

It was his ability that he and his father had tried to keep secret at first.

The secret Gale had been forced to reveal when The Burning Waves had almost sunk.

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