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Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” Alice Kingsley.

The only thing is, do you ever wonder if those six things that you think of are real? What if they weren’t just something you simply believed in? What if they weren’t impossible? What if…?

Well, this is a simple post. Not even ten minutes of your time. These are six impossible things, questions, or ideas that I believed in this week. An impossible…or possible…thought.

What if you don’t exist and you just think you do?

What if kaleidoscopes were portals?

What if every tree on Earth was a retired alien?

What if dreams were a communication with your twin, and you were simply watching their life in another dimension?

What if everyone in the world saw colors differently than you?

What if your mind has been erased before?

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